Kindness unites us all

On the 15th of January, 2013 a tiny orphaned calf named Blossom along with her buddy, a perky piglet called Snuffles met a hand raised deer known as Gemima and her beau Bambi – a survivor of Black Saturday.  Here’s what happened…

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5 thoughts on “Kindness unites us all

  1. Beautiful! Is there any place similar to Edgar’s Mission over near Perth that you know about? I would love to volunteer if I lived in Victoria! Farm animals (and all animals) are gorgeous and deserve rights and go be cared for! So many sad stories and things that happen out there, but you all show us that there’s compassion and love still around’

  2. I just want you to know, the photos you show of very happy farm animals makes me so
    happy! I really wish I lived right down the street from you…. I would be over volunteering
    every weekend! Thank you for all that you do….

    Love and Kind Regards,
    Victoria Scamehorn

  3. It’s always pleasing to find such humility, respect, and kindness for animals – these photos make me smile- I only wish others could see the depth of compassion in their eyes, that all people could enjoy what animals have to offer.

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