Wake up Kevin

‘Wake up Kevin, we have some new buddies for you to meet today.’  With Kevin making good progress since his arrival just under a week ago, today was the day we chose to commence his rehabilitation into the outside world and provide him with the chance to see what life off of a chain is really about. Walking with much enthusiasm, he was a different Kevin to the forlorn looking chap we led into the barn last Thursday.  A homemade safety helmet was fashioned to cover his exposed horn cavity and to protect the wound from dust and debris. The words ‘No, no Kev, all the cool goats are wearing them this year,’ were uttered and Kevin was ready to meet the first of his new friends, pigs Hamish and Olivia.

Clearly unaccustomed to the raucous and rambunctious belly grunts of a happy pig, Kevin’s sideways glance at Hamish said, ‘I’m not too sure about you.’ But his trust in his new human friends led him to believe, ‘Well if they say these pigs are okay then I will too.’ It was not long before Kevin was off exploring his new playground, capping it off with a snooze under a big old grandfather gumtree.  And so, it won’t be too long before the words, ‘Wake up Kevin,’ are uttered once again and he will head off to bed in his spacious and comfy straw lined stable.

We are pleased to report that Kevin has taken well to his new digs and has responded quickly to our kindness, but it is his penchant for green grapes that makes us smile.  Smacking his lips together with impatient gastronomic delight, we know we have succeeded in finding his favourite food.  Tomorrow will see a further veterinary check-up for Kevin, where his wound will be assessed to determine if he will require surgery to remove some of the splintered horn that is growing oddly from his head. The status of his health will also be assessed to see if his castration will occur sooner rather than later.  We pray for the collective noses of our friends that it will be the former.

We thank each and every one of you for your well wishes and concern for Kevin.  It is indeed heartening to know he already has a sea of fans.  Many of you have expressed a desire to help with Kevin’s medical expenses and if you would like to do so please support our Medical Fighting Fund so that hapless animals like Kevin will be hapless no more!

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