“From caring comes courage.”- Lao Tzu

While Benjamin Franklin was one of the first to recognise the majesty of turkeys, declaring them a ‘Bird of Courage’ and deeming them to be a more appropriate American National Emblem than the bald eagle, last night’s exposé of shocking cruelty at a turkey processing plant in Sydney saw anything but courage shown toward these gentle creatures.   Images screened on ABC’s Lateline program revealed disturbing footage anonymously supplied to Animal Liberation NSW, which seriously calls into question claims made by Inghams’ (the company involved) CEO, Kevin McBain (as quoted in today’s ‘The Age’ )

‘‘Inghams has a strong commitment to animal welfare. We have Best Practice Animal Welfare Programs and Standards in place. We work with regulatory animal welfare specialists to ensure these programs are active and operating throughout all aspects of the company. The programs are regularly audited internally and by second and third party auditors to ensure compliance with standards.’’ 

Clearly if this statement is true, then their programs are simply not working.  Please be courageous and demand justice for these gentle and intelligent birds:

1.  Contact the Inghams NSW Head Office:

203-209 Northumberland Street,Liverpool,New South Wales 2170
Ph: (02) 9602 8744
Please click here for other states.

2. Demand that closed circuit television (CCTV) be made mandatory in all slaughterhouses.

Contact your state and federal MP today.

3. Be kind to turkeys and all animals.

Take the 30 day vegan easy challenge.
For more information about factory farmed turkeys in Australia visit http://www.bigbirdsbigcruelty.org/

4. Meet and get to know some rescued turkeys here.

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  1. Thank you for providing contact details, I have submitted my letter of demand!! And will be ensuring something gets done about this…….simply disgusting and sickening!

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