Helpful Helen

For just over 6 ½ years Helen Crozzolin has, come rain, hail or shine, lovingly and loyally once a week donned her hat, gloves and outdoor gear and headed out to her favorite animal charity, Edgar’s Mission.  Greeted by a bevy of happy rescued farm animals, Helen has assisted with the daily chores of cleaning animal houses, checking water bowls, feeding orphan lambs and kid goats and giving those in need some reassuring words and pats.  But sadly, all good things must come to an end and with Helen and her husband pulling up stumps and selling their Kilmore home, along with the impending relocation of Edgar’s Mission, last Thursday saw many a teary eye at the much loved sanctuary as Helen said farewell for the last time.

“Gosh we are going to miss Helen,” said Edgar’s Mission Founder and Director, Pam Ahern, “she has had been coming here for so long that she truly has become a part of the family.  And her attention to detail, leaving those animal enclosures spotless is a reflection of Helen’s enormous work ethic. Helen’s determination to come to the sanctuary every Thursday and to put her heart and soul into her work, regardless of the weather or whatever personal upheaval that may have been occurring in her life, has been a complete inspiration to myself and everyone here at Edgar’s Mission.  We, along with her many animal friends, are going to sorely miss her.”

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