Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matter

“Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matter.” (Martin Luther King Jnr), meet Smudge.

Last night we wanted nothing more than to curl up into a little ball and forget about the world as our grief over Buddy’s passing swirled into every corner of our being. But there was a little lamb that needed us.  A call came in amidst the tears about a wee lamb who had been found alone, cold, shivering and hungry.  At first the tiny waif was taken to a kind soul to care for, however it was quickly realised that their ability to do so was not sufficient to sustain the newborn’s life.  Bundled in a warm baby’s blanket and crying desperately, our red eyes caught their first glimpse of Smudge -so named because of the cute black ‘beauty mark’ that smears across her little nose.

Placing our heartache in the ‘not now basket’ and heading for the kitchen, the milk of kindness was soon flowing through little Smudge.  Warm jacket donned, a loving kiss placed firmly upon her head, life goes on at Edgar’s Mission. While a sombre mood still embraces all here today, the sun has still risen as it will tomorrow and the day after.  Although heavy hearts mourn the fact Buddy is no longer with us to enjoy the sunshine, we realise in fact he is, for he will live on forever in our hearts.  Indeed it is beautiful day, and little Smudge is a poignant reminder that just what we do with that day will define us.

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