Sophie and Panda

Our volunteer Sophie greets our newest sheepy resident Panda.  Sadly Panda’s mother passed away just yesterday leaving the wee two day old lamb orphaned.  But thanks to the swift and kind action of property caretakers Panda did not become fox fodder.  Whilst the little ewe is in good spirits she is suffering from the debilitating condition of entropion – a condition which sees the eyelid or lids turning in and rubbing on the cornea causing irritation and pain.  In severe cases blindness can result.  The cause of entropion is often hereditary but we do see quite of bit in rescued lambs and kid goats who are severely dehydrated upon arrival.  Our first course of action will be bathing the eye then massaging the lid, encouraging it to restore to its proper position, thereby avoiding painful injections or even surgery.

While unlike her namesake Panda does not come from an endangered species she is none the less worthy of every attempt that is being made to save her and ensure she lives a happy, healthy and long life.Sophie and Panda

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