Quick and Quack

Quick and Quack

Now they may have quirky names and are cute too boot, however it is no laughing matter when it comes to our new ducky friends.  Foolishly given as a birthday gift to a non-amused recipient, Quick and Quack could well have been cast aside along with all the gift wrapping, greeting cards and trimming so often superfluously given on these occasions had it not been for the kind hearted soul who stepped in to save them.

Giving animals as gifts is serious matter that should be given considerable thought and most certainly is something that should never be taken as lightly as water off a ducks back.  Surprising friends, relatives and work mates with living creatures makes no sense at all as adding a companion animal to anyone’s life is a most important decision to be based on many factors that are often not know to the ‘giver’.  Animals of any description come with a lifetime of specialist care and needs, they require love and kindness and yes also money – not only for food and accessories but also veterinary care as need be.

If you too are taken by these adorable creatures please bear in mind these important points before adopting a ducky or too from your local animal shelter, pound or rescue organisation.

  • Ducks can live for up to 20 years!!  While your circumstances may change they will forever rely on you for everything.
  • Ducks are not suitable house companion animals, they need green grass, water, a fun and interesting world to explore and most importantly a safe, clean and secure area come dusk to keep them safe from predators.  It is also important to ensure nosey dogs and curious cats cannot cause havoc for the defenceless and flightless guys and gals during the day.  It is critical for the health and well-being of ducks that they have access to water whereby they can keep their eyes and airways clean.
  • Ducks are social animals and just like you and I they are emotional creatures, they feel loneliness, grief and isolation and they feel joy and happiness.  Of particular note they love to have a buddy or two to hang out with.  Be careful though to keep an eye on the gender balance, testosterone charged drakes can prove a nightmare for the females.
  • If you do have fluffy baby ducklings in your care it is vitally important they do not have access to water they can climb in unsupervised as their fluffy down is not waterproof and they could become chilled or even drown.  They will also need an external heat source to keep them warm until their soft downy fluff is replaced by their adult feathers this is usually complete by around 8 weeks of age.

And so as the old saying goes if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is not a good idea to give as a birthday gift!!!

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