Can a goat smile?


Can a goat smile?  We sure think little Frostie can, and he certainly has many reasons to do so.  Each day has seen the little chap grow stronger and stronger.  Fuelled by a passion to explore and a zest for life that even his crippling illness could not dampen, Frostie is now able to not only stand on his own but walk, skip and run on albeit wobbly little goatee legs.  In the days and weeks to follow, there will be much physiotherapy and some medications however amidst the once gloomy forest of Frostie’s world, we can now see bright skies ahead.  We are all so proud of his progress, of our amazing veterinary team, of our dedicated staff and volunteers and also of our well-wishers around the globe- all who have done everything in their power to help little Frostie.

Can a goat smile? We think so and little Frostie has given us every reason to do so!

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8 thoughts on “Can a goat smile?

  1. Hi there,

    I’m following Frostie story through facebook and I’m very happy to hear that Frostie can walk now without wheels, Thank You all for all your help, God bless you all.

    Please share a video of current situation of Frostie :)


  2. I’m so saddened to hear that Frostie died after making such progress. At least now he is able to romp with the best of them on the other side. I offer my deepest sympathy to his keepers. I know this hit them harder than it did the internet friends. Be comforted with the knowledge you gave him a good life.

  3. I was so sad to hear of Frosty’s passing. His story captured my heart like no other. I know this little angel is up in heaven now, where there is no more pain. Rest in Peace little angel.

  4. I am absolutely devastated to hear the news about Frostie. What an absolute inspiration to us all. He will be making a lot of creatures smile on the other side. RIP sweet, little guy.

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