Joining the Dots in Box Hill


On Friday May 30th, perky Polly pig oinked her way into the hearts and minds of the year 8 students at Kingswood College in Box Hill.  Accompanied by her human companions from Edgar’s Mission, the trio rolled out their “Joining the Dots’ humane education program to the enthusiastic decision makers of tomorrow.  Encouraging the youth of today to develop their own sets of values by way of critical thinking along with exploring the values of compassion and justice, has become the cornerstone of this exciting and popular program.


“These kids were amazing, their keen attention and manners were not only a credit to their teachers but a testament to the valuable contribution they will make to our society,” said Pam Ahern, Founder and Director of Edgar’s Mission.  “I think it is essential that individuals are empowered not only with knowledge but also with the courage to make our world a better place for all. Learning that the world we live in is really the result of the choices we make is a great place to start.”


Through telling the stories of the many animal residents of much loved sanctuary, Edgar’s Mission, a grave picture is painted about how our animal protection laws have been guilty of playing favorites.  But a story of hope emerges that each and every one of us can have an enormous impact not only on animals, but upon the state of our environment, working conditions in foreign countries and our own health by choosing wisely and kindly.

For more information about ‘Joining the dots’ please contact Pam on 0408 397 301 or email [email protected]

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