Bucks Fizz – It’s Time for Making Your Mind up!!

Bucks Fizz

It’s moments like these that you can thank your lucky stars computers don’t come complete with ‘odorama’.  Sniffing the air, we quickly realise that the potent odour assaulting our nostrils was not in fact coming from any human in the office (phew), but rather remained from our last encounter with our new goatee friend, Bucks Fizz.  An entire male Boer goat, wise in years and an obvious Casanova of the ovine world, our Bucks Fizz does for perfume what Attila the Hun did for table manners!

For those unfamiliar with the ‘pepe le pew’ like scents of male goats, they are as strong and distinctive as they are, in two words, overpoweringly bad.  Once on your clothes or skin, the scent is decidedly difficult to remove.  The strong mucky odour for which entire male goats are famous comes from both the scent glands located near the base of their horns and their urine, which they will gladly spray upon themselves or any unsuspecting human who gets too close.  The smell tends to be at its peak (read, worst) during the mating season also known a ‘rut’, which sadly for our nostrils is right now – late summer through to winter. But in keeping with our strict ‘no breeding’ policy here at Edgar’s Mission, dear Bucks Fizz has an important date with our vet.

Bucks Fizz

Despite this tumultuous time for Bucks, he remains a friendly and dignified chap, although somewhat aloof at times. However, given his checkered past, this is something for which he can certainly be forgiven.   It is through the stories of animals like Bucks Fizz, who have through no fault of their own become forgotten and abandoned, that we are caused to stop and reflect upon what direction we as a society are heading. Are we heading toward a future that is kind and that gives all creatures a chance, regardless of species, size or, indeed, smell? Or are we heading toward a future that is as bleak as it is unwelcoming for dear creatures like our Bucks? The path we choose is up to each and every one of us and is determined by the choices we make each and every day. Which path will you choose? For indeed, the time has come. It’s time for making your mind up.

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