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Well the mercury has dropped here on the southern side of the globe and, although it may well defy common logic, this means it is lambing season in Australia. While many of us stoke the fire, rug up and bunker down for a wet and wild winter, it is estimated that 15 million lambs die each year in Australia alone in the first 48 hours of birth, many due to hypothermia. This shocking statistic is equivalent to one third of all breeding ewes in Australia all losing a lamb every year. We cannot help but wonder just how accurate this estimate may be, given the sight of so many dead lambs in paddocks at this time of year, perhaps the real figure is far higher. This is something we are sure would not be accepted if a domestic pet such as a cat or a dog were involved. But as our affable ambassador Timmy, the loveable Raymond and the cheeky young Nellie show us every day, sheep are just as unique and individual as the animals with whom many of us share our homes and they are most certainly just as worthy of our love and kindness. And so, with this in mind, our Campaign Action of the Month comes to you on behalf of lambs, with three simple actions you can take to help make our world a kinder place for our wooly friends.

  1. Well the first one’s a cinch; leave lamb off of your plate! But this needn’t be difficult, why not whip up this hearty, cruelty free Shepherd’s Pie from and share it with a loved one. (Pssst, Borg’s puff pastry is also cruelty free if time is of the essence and you want to have this ready in a flash!)
  2. Leave that wool jumper on the shelf. With so many warm and fleecy fibres available these days, thick woollen jumpers and scarves aren’t your only option. With painful procedures such as mulesing, tail docking and castration still allowed without pain relief and with many sheep shorn not long before the cold of winter sets in, it can be difficult to know the real price of your warmth.
  3. Learn about the emotional world of sheep and their farmyard friends in Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson’s enlightening read, The Pig who Sang to the Moon. And when you’re done with it, why not lend it to a friend!

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