Blossom and Ash

Blossom (verb):
to change, grow, and develop fully, to come into one’s own.

And what a fitting name to be bestowed upon a once tiny, fragile and lonely week old orphan calf who has today grown into a healthy, confident and gentle young heifer before our eyes. Entering both our world and our collective hearts just over 15 months ago, today it is almost impossible to reconcile the image of our Blossom now with the little calf lost that she once was. But no matter how many days pass us by, it is Blossom’s heartbreaking and tragic story, along with the memory of her looking up at us on that first day with those enormous big brown eyes, innocently seeming to ask, “Where’s my mummy?” that will remain with us always. You see, at just days old, dear Blossom found herself in the wrong place at the right time – a dire situation that eventually proved to be her saving grace. Lying out in a paddock all on her own, as temperatures soared and dehydration set in, it was a Good Samaritan who stumbled upon the abandoned calf and decided to take action. Determined to not bear witness to the painfully slow death of an innocent creature, a call was made to the farmer. “You can have ‘er, she’s no use to me,” came the gruff reply. Bundling up the precious brown and white girl who still smelled of her mother’s milk, Blossom was Edgar’s Mission bound and the rest, as they say, is history!

Back to the present day and dear Blossom has most certainly come into her own; making the very most of her second chance at life. A special bond has formed between her and our dear bushfire survivor Ash, another ‘beef’ calf who had found himself alone and confused after his mother and the remainder of her herd had been trucked off. Whether it is their shared experiences that have drawn them together or the scientific fact that tells us cows do indeed from strong and meaningful relationships, we cannot be sure, but one thing is for certain on this Where Are They Now Wednesday – Blossom and Ash will never be alone, lost or forgotten ever again.

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3 thoughts on “Blossom

  1. Blossom you most certainly have “blossomed” into a big beautiful baby and I love your little pal there.
    Love you all.

    XXXXXHow happy you must be that the farmer said ‘you can ‘ave her she’s no use to me’ well you are a lot of use to everyone at Edgars spreading joy all over the property.

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