Over the past 24 hours I have been consumed by a numbness, a numbness that has both protected and prevented me. Whilst is has protected me from a tsunami of pain, it has prevented me from writing this piece and only now in its subsiding can I type the words Frostie the Snowgoat has passed.

In the early hours of Monday morning the little champ told me he was not well as a rapidly expanding stomach screamed bloat. With Frostie’s attending vet alerted and the administering of medications and massage commenced, the race was on to get my little buddy to her care and expertise in time. But alas this was not to be. As the little guy made his last gasps of breath he looked into my tear filled eyes as I begged him to stay, I told him I loved him and would do so forever more. It was not until I knew his spirit had passed that I would scream ‘why’ at the top of my lungs and sob inconsolably into his warm, sweet smelling white fur.

Whilst it would be several more hours before the clinical answer as to why Frostie passed from this world, a lifetime of my existence will never provide me a satisfactory answer of why life is oft times so unfair to such innocent creatures. The autopsy revealed that Frostie’s spinal column was riddled with abscesses that refused to acknowledge the strength and determination of the arsenal of antibiotics and medications that had been sent in to do battle. One abscess was so large it was pressing on and compromising his little rumen, preventing it from doing all the good things rumens do to keep little goats alive. Taking some comfort in the fact that this had caused Frostie no pain until those final moments gave me little consolation as the wee chap seemed to be gambolling along in leaps and bounds.

That Frostie was a sickly little kid goat, was something that we knew from the very day he came into our world. Unable to stand, let alone walk, severely dehydrated and riddled with lice, Frostie’s lot was not good, but no one told him that. He wanted to live, and that was just what we promised him we would help him do. Right from day one he began to rally all the while displaying the happiest of dispositions and he fell head over hooves in love with me as I did him, this fact plainly obvious to anyone who saw us together. He loved to nibble on my hair and turn it into goaty saliva encrusted dreadlocks. He would cry when he couldn’t see me and light up like the brightest star when he did. He had a delightful and infectious sense of joie de vivre as he scooted about at first in his little mobility cart with that ‘hey look at me’ smile, then his brave ‘hey look no wheels’ tenacious first steps skipped hearts into flutter mode across the globe.

One common question I was often asked in relation to Frostie was ‘why?’, why bother going to all the great lengths, efforts and cost to save one sickly little abandoned kid goat. I saw Frostie not as a ‘farm animal’ but as a creature in trouble, a creature in desperate need of kindness, compassion and help. In a nation that spends billions of dollars each year on the animals that share our hearts and homes one would not think twice about doing everything in their power to save their cat or dog. That fact that Frostie looked a little different was no justification to me for denying him the chance at life he so richly deserved – we would do no less if he were a puppy or kitten.

Frostie’s legacy will long be a reminder that animals will always stand as one of humanity’s greatest tests. When we see a creature suffering or learn of their plight we can seek to protect them, ease their pain or torment or we can choose to look the other way and ignore them. What we choose to do will not only write our epitaph but will shape the world we live in.

For such a tiny little goat, who only danced on this earth for a short while his reach has been enormous and he may just well be the harbinger of a brave new and just world for animals as people come to see them for who they are not what can be produced from them. Whilst a part of me feels cheated that Frostie’s was not a long life it was certainly one filled with more happiness and joy, love and friendships, kindness and compassion than many animals receive in a lifetime and in doing so he did surmount insurmountable odds. Frostie’s lesson to me has been this, to seize every minute of the your life as the most precious gift there is, use it wisely and lovingly for you never know if it is your last.

I know that the passage of time will diminish the pain in my heart I am feeling right now but nothing will ever diminish my beautiful happy memories of a joyful, cheeky and chatty little white goat who the world came to know and love as Frostie the Snowgoat.

One journalist asked me what I wanted from the telling of Frostie’s story and I remember thinking about that for a second and then I said ‘I want for people to be kind to animals’ and I am sure Frostie would want that too.

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140 thoughts on “Why?

  1. RIP Frostie. Thank you for bringing such joy into the world. We hope you are well above, dancing and smiling pain-free :-) Much Love ~

    • I agree frosty is such a sweet little goat that has
      Brung many sweet little smiles that fill the world
      with an important thing
      Frosty the goat

    • I only just saw the video of Frostie with his cart and learning to walk today, and loved it. But then underneath I saw the reference to his passing. I cried for you as I have also lost a little goat 18 months old who was a soul mate. I had raised her after her mother died when she was one week old. I don’t think I have ever really got over her death, as I felt it shouldn’t have happened, but circumstances were against us.
      Keep up the good work!

    • RIP..dear little Frostie, at least the short time you had you were shown lots of love and tenderness. I loved watching the video of you and now feel sad you have gone, bless your heart :-(

    • I just learned today of Frostie’s passing. My heart is broken. Having rescued a pregnant goat, and helping her care for her twins, I have a special love for goats. They have the greatest personalities and Frostie was so full of joy and such an inspiration. I’m so sorry for the pain you had to endure in losing this sweet soul. Thank you for sharing the beautiful light that was Frostie with the world. May it help countless animals worldwide. RIP sweet one.

  2. I’m terribly saddened by this devastating news, and my heart aches for you. I doubt we will ever have a satisfactory answer to that tormented “Why?” question. Maybe we each come here with something to do, to learn, to teach – and when we’ve accomplished that, we move on to what’s next. But that thought doesn’t diminish the anguish of losing a dear friend. Thank you for giving Frostie so many days of joy and so much love! He touched so many hearts, and no doubt together you inspired many people to see non-human animals very differently than they did before, the first step of the incredibly rewarding journey of compassionate awakening. Thank you for all you did, for all you continue to do, for these precious beings. Frosty’s spirit and love will go on in the soulful and much needed work you do.

  3. I am so sorry to Pam and the entire staff at Edgar’s Mission both human and otherwise. Reading this news broke my heart and I simply couldn’t stop the tears from coming down my face. Something so tragic to happen to such a wonderful creature with such a zest for life. Frostie showed such strength in the face of adversity and that is to be admired. Even in his passing his message and story will live on in each of us. The lessons he taught me about life, perseverance and hope are something I will always carry in my heart and share with those around me. Frostie you taught me more about life than many of two legged humans have encountered in my 32 years on this planet. Thank you for being a part of my life even if only through the internet and for a short time. Hugs to all those at Edgars Mission from Massachusetts.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss and so sorry that Frosty the Snow Goat will no longer be here to benefit from your love and care. Thanks for sharing him with us in the marvelous video documenting his determination and joy in life. His life mattered and that truth lives on.

  5. As I sit here snuggled in the heart of eastern KY I can not begin to express the sorrow I’m feeling over Frostie, therefore I would not dare attempt to pretend to understand the pain his loving caregivers are experiencing today. My heart will be forever touched by the sweetest Frostie’s life so effordlessly enriched my life with. To the angels at Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary…THANK YOU (with sincere tears and a broken heart) for introducing him and most of all, sharing his preicous life with us. May Frostie the snow goat RIP and be waiting to skip up to greet us all one day…one day “when I get where I’m going”. What a glorious day that will be. </3

  6. This is such incredibly sad news :( I loved seeing updates of sweet little Frostie. Thank you for your wonderful care of him and all other animals. He was blessed to stay with you. May he rest in peace. Sending you love from Holland <3

  7. My heart sank with sadness and shock at the news of Frostie’s passing. I wept when I first saw the video of Frostie with his walking wheels several weeks ago. Then I wept again — tears of joy — when I saw the video of him walking on his own a few weeks later. Now my tears are the tears of a heavy heart saying goodbye to a sweet animal I never got to meet but who I still loved with all my heart. My deepest condolences go out to all at Edgar’s Mission who cared for Frostie, and to all like me who live far away and followed his story online. Frostie is now at the Rainbow Bridge, running freely, never to suffer physical pain again.

  8. I only just discovered the story of Frostie today. I watched the video of him in the wheel chair a short while ago and it was so joyful that I immediately wanted to look up your farm to learn more. I am so sorry to learn that he has just passed away and that such a beautiful little spirit has been lost. What a terrible loss you must feel. Thank you for loving him so completely in his short time with you. They joy he felt in his life on your farm was so apparent. HUG.

  9. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. He was just a bright light in this world. I watched his videos over and over. Take comfort in the fact that you offered him unconditional love for the time that he was with you and that someday you will see him again when it’s your turn to cross the bridge.

  10. I’m SO sorry for your loss–which is also the world’s loss. Perhaps you can find comfort in knowing that Frostie brought joy to people around the world. My co-workers and I here in the U.S. have followed Frostie’s progress with delight and are absolutely heartbroken that his life proved to be so short. But it was a life brimming with love, and that video image of him hop-skipping sideways–and taking such pleasure in his newfound ability to do so–will forever bring a smile to my face.

  11. Oh Pam. I am so saddened yet so uplifted to read this post. Love to you today and always. Your capacity for love and kindness is inspirational, as are your words. Animals are a gift and the most valuable of all teachers. The impact of Frostie’s presence, as all those special to us, cannot be measured by the amount of time they grace our lives, but by the amount they grow our heart spaces: and the capacity for that is infinite. Wishing you a peaceful heart today xxxxx RIP Frostie xxxx

  12. I am so saddened to hear this news. Take comfort in knowing that you made Frostie’s world a better and more joyful place. I really enjoyed seeing his progress, and from the look on his face, it was clear he knew he was making big strides. The question of “why?” will always plague us with the death of a pet, and unfortunately, Frostie is no different. Sending healing thoughts to all of you at Edgar’s Mission. Thank you for sharing Frostie’s life with all of us.

  13. I am so choked up, I can barely breathe. I was hoping it wasn’t true. I am so sorry. RIP, sweet lil Frosty…and God bless you all for making his time here as wonderful as you did. I have to go now….the tears…

  14. Oh Pam,
    I know your pain well, and am so so sorry for your great loss. As I sit here sobbing for you and that sweet baby, I am sadly reminded of the loss of my two goats… When a goat is in pain everyone is in pain. My respect for you and what you do is enormous. <3

  15. Pam I am so sorry to hear about Frostie I have been following the little fellas story from the start RIP Frostie, we must all be kind and cherish every moment in life. You and the Edgar Farm people made Frostie’s short life very special as he made all of our lives special. What a beautiful little spirit.

    • I agree. Please don’t remove from the web the videos of Frostie. I’ve watched them over and over and will continue to do so. My heart is heavy for you Pam…

  16. Pam & family, my heart breaks & I’m shedding tears but please have the comfort that you gave him the best you could.
    So much of this world loves you & the EM team, for what you do.
    You do so much for them, for Frostie, for every single one of them.
    You have the wonderful memories that Frostie has given you & us, we can treasure this for the rest of our lives.
    Sending you so much love Pam, you did everything you could.
    Let me cry for you & carry your burden, just smile now please.
    I thank you, so many people, thank you & I know the little guy Frostie, loved you with every little bit of him xx

  17. Thank you for giving little Frostie care, joy and love in her last month of life! I feel the lose so deeply! I know little Frostie has run in the arms of God and whenever I look out into the night sky, I will picture her sailing freely from star to star watching over us!

  18. I am so sorry to hear this news. I have tears coming down my face as I type this. I so enjoyed watching Frostie’s videos and cheering him on with his rehab. He was a beautiful little soul and I am so grateful I had the pleasure of meeting him and I wish it could have been in person. He has touched so many lives and he will be missed by many. Thank you for sharing him with the world.

  19. Oh no, this is a very sad time, precious, sweet little Frostie, I can’t believe it :@( All our thoughts go out to Pam and everyone at Edgar’s Mission who loved and nurtured this gorgeous little boy. Pam, I can assure you that many of us are crying with you, I for one am sobbing. Love you little Frostie boy.

  20. I am terribly sad to hear this news. You made Frosty a happy goat for the all too short time he was here. Wishing you and the animals peace and love.

  21. oh no what a shock to read this. I am so so sorry for your loss of dear little Frostie. What a trooper he was and such a joy to read about and follow his brief but happy journey. I cannot stop crying at the moment so I can only imagine your pain. We all love you Edgar’s xxxx

  22. Dear Pam and all at Edgar’s Mission, my heart breaks for you. You are such an inspiration to me and everyone who cares about the animals we share this planet with. I know we are outnumbered by those who don’t care, but I just hope and pray that we can gradually turn this around. You and your wonderful people at Edgar’s Mission give me hope for the future. God bless you and little Frosty. I send love and hugs to you all.

  23. Pam & staff at Edgar’s Mission I am so sorry and shocked that little Frostie has passed away. When I saw your email I thought you had sent another update on Frostie so I was looking forward to seeing more of his antics. Brought me to tears reading your words about Frostie. Dear little man RIP.

  24. Thank you for having been there for him. All of us at home on our computers are grieving right there alongside of you. You did everything that could be done, and more. With gratitude for all you do, I ask that you will please, take good care of YOU for us! Peace and love.

  25. So sad, but so happy that beautiful humans like you exist to right the wrongs that are so unconsciously and cruelly dealt to our beautiful animals, like adorable little Frostie. Sending you love at this very sad time and a heart-felt thank you for all you do. xo

  26. RIP beautiful Frostie and condolences to all the wonderful staff at Edgar’s Mission. It’s heart-breaking news!! Frostie was such a gorgeous little soul and it was great to know that he had such a loving, caring family. When stories of animal cruelty bring me to tears, there’s consolation that in a lovely little corner of the world, these beautiful souls are given the love and respect they deserve. Your mission and your work is inspirational. Thank you. xxx

  27. Dear Pam and all the Edgar’s Mission team
    I am devastated to hear of little Frostie’s loss. He was a shining star on Earth. Thank you so much for all the love, care and kindness in which you enveloped Frostie.
    Frostie now gambols amongst the angels. Skip happily, little darling!

  28. There are not many things that tend to light up my life the way this little guy did. From the first moment I saw his picture of him in his little wheelchair, to the pictures of him running and jumping on his own terms , my heart has swelled with the most wonderful happiness. I feel terribly sad they he had to leave this earth so soon, but I truly feel that my life was made brighter having read his stories, seen his happy pictures, and watched him smile on video. My heart and thoughts go out to Frostie’s family , human and otherwise , because aren’t we all family ? Thank you for giving Frostie a wonderful life.

  29. To Pam and all of the lovely staff at Edgar’s Mission, I am so sorry to hear of this news. Seeing Frostie on your Facebook page always made my day brighter; his amazing smile was contagious! Thank you for sharing him with the world and for making his stay on this Earth one that was filled with love and happiness. He is surely now in peaceful pastures, smiling down on you all.

  30. When I saw a new post by you today, I was so excited to read another chapter of Frostie – only to be completely devastated by the news. With tears streaming down my face (in front of everyone at work), I cried and read on. My heart is broken today and I have thought of nothing else but him and all of you at Edgar’s Mission. May his sweet spirit live on and be a reminder to us all, each day to be kind and to be courageous. Thank you Pam and everyone for giving him days and nights of love, compassion, joy and kindness. May his memory hold you tight in the days ahead.

  31. Sincere condolences to everyone at Edgar’s Mission on Frostie’s passing, especially you Pam. You gave him the very best chance of a good life and I’m sure he knew he was loved. Very sad news.

  32. Dear Pam and the wonderful people at Edgar’s Mission. Your story made me cry. I could see from the pictures, the love in Frostie’s eyes that he had for you, Pam. I am so so saddened by this news. I wanted to hold him, he was like a little child. I can see why your pain is so great and there are no words that will make you hurt less. Know that we your supporters grieve with you. I heart the animal kingdom. God bless Edgar’s Mission.

  33. Am sitting at my desk, blubbing. Poor little Frostie. However, I’m so glad he didn’t suffer and even more glad that his short life allowed him to be enormously happy after a grim start. RIP Frostie

  34. Dear Pam, I know what you are experiencing for I myself have sheep on my farm (I raise them so they can graze on the farm nothing more for we do not eat them ~ we are vegan). As recent as when I first read about Frosty’s arrival, I lost a beautiful young male sheep of four months which rendered my heart in two. I sympathize with your pain. I must say that death is never easy for me, even upon loosing a chicken just a week ago.
    There is one hope and a promise that I hold steadfastly to and it is the promise that Jesus Christ secured and assured for all of humanity and creation ~ a new sky and a new earth … God will wipe away every tear from their (our) eys; and death shall be no more, neither shall there be anguish(sorrow, mourning, nor grief nor pain any more, for the former order of things have passed away. Revelation 21:1-7; our archival enemy who inflicted and brought death to our world will no longer prevail for the Lord Christ won the victor over death. Do have faith and believe that in the new earth and heavens you will be able to play with Frosty and so many other of our furry lovable friends that we have lost. May you have peace and tranquility.

    • Millie, bless you for those words – I feel as you do – all creation is beloved of God and all souls, animals and human alike, will find eternal peace and love

  35. Quelle triste nouvelle ! je partage votre chagrin ! Cette petite boule de neige a été soignée , aimée comme peu d’animal grâce à vous tous ! Merci à jamais ! Il semble , a ce qu’on peut lire, qu’elle nous précède au Paradis ! Si, si !!! je vous embrasse ! Margot

  36. Pam, I am deeply saddened to hear about the passing of little Frosty. I can only imagine how heart-broken and devastated you must feel at having lost him. I do believe that he came into this world as a teacher, and, having touched the hearts of so many, and made them think, moved on. How wonderful that after such a dreadful start to life, his time on this earth was spent with you, showered with love and affection, and in the knowledge that he was safe. You will see him again, when it is your time to move on, and he will live on in your heart and the hearts and memories of all who came to know about him, and were inspired by him. Vale Frosty.

  37. I had the privilege of meeting Frostie last Friday when I went up to Edgar’s Mission. Pam kindly let me come up and visit the rabbits as my own had sadly passed away that week. Frostie was so full of spunk – he was first in the queue of the many gorgeous animals that follow Pam around. No step or ramp was too high for him – he just needed to be close to Pam even if it meant he fell over (but was soon put back on his feet). Frostie’s love for Pam is such a compelling example of the human-animal bond. He may have had an awful start in life, and had multiple health problems, but by coming to Edgar’s Mission, he knew what it was to be loved and taken care of before his short life ended. What a precious gift.

  38. I’m so very sorry to hear that little Frostie has passed. What a brave and beautiful soul he was. Rest in Peace, sweetheart…

  39. RIP little Frostie – my love from France

    and congratulations for all what you do for the animals, my heart is full of gratitude

  40. God Bless you for having such a big heart. Live in the city but my hearts in the country. Frontier and you were destined to be great friends. There is a place in your heart where Frosty resides.

  41. Dear Pam, I am in tears at the news of Frostie’s passing. You and your wonderful team did all you could to make his short life as happy and carefree as possible. That counts for a lot. This adorable little creature was an inspiration to us all and will remain in our hearts. There is no time limit on love and his short time was overflowing with love and caring from the Edgar’s Mission team. He is now playing happily in the Big Field in the Sky!

  42. Thinking of you. I experienced this with two of my kittens recently (for different reasons) and I feel for you so much. I hope that in sharing, some of your grief has been lifted. Sending you big hugs.

  43. I read this on FB yesterday with tears streaming down my face but I hadn’t realised how badly this sad news affected me. I kept remembering the video Pam with Frostie, which ended with Frostie nibbling Pam’s ear and Pam responding with “I love you Frostie.” That this news came after such great signs of Frostie’s recovery just knocked me for six.

    Added to this, on Sunday night I found a 14 year old cat in the middle of a busy road and, naturally stopped to pick her up. She was emaciated, smelly and her face was covered in cobwebs. I took her home, gave her a warm bath, dried her, made her comfortable in a heated room and called the vet. After discussing the cat’s condition with my vet, I was to take her in at 8am on Monday morning, which I did. The poor little thing was suffering severe cat flu and had a low temperature – bad news. Her microchip told us her age and her human’s contact details. I had named her Tabitha but I didn’t know her real name. The only good news out of this was that Tabitha was made comfortable and given sustenance intravenously and that she was returned to her home. All indications were that she would not survive but at least she would be comforted by the people who had loved her, rather than dying in some cold, dirty street corner.

    I’d been in Melbourne for the past week, where my younger brother, who has lung cancer, suffered a lung collapse and was admitted to hospital in a terrible state – barely able to breath.

    So it was all too much for me. I went to bed last night but sleep would not come. Instead, I was sobbing as though my heart was breaking. Today is passing in a haze. I know that things will get better for me but, as much as I love the compassion that fills me, I feel an intense, unbearable sadness and pain that such suffering is inflicted on animals young, old and in-between. Frostie and Tabitha will live in my heart forever. Pam, I’m so sorry for your loss. xxxxxxxxx

    • Watching the videos of Frostie as he became the “kid that danced” were some of the most memorable moments I have.I have had many pets from cats,dogs,goats,sheep and horses and I love them all.
      Pam,you are one of the kindest persons I’ve ever seen.Frostie will live on in my book of memories along with my other “Family”,some living,some with wings.
      Bless you Pam and Frostie,
      Much Love,

    • God bless you Zerin – you’ve expressed everything I am feeling too – I do hope your brother pulls through and that “Tabitha” is as much loved by her owners as you.

  44. Dear little Frostie, I am so sad (tears in my eyes as I type), I was following his brave little journey. Pam you can rest assured that you did all you could, and in fact gave him a better chance than anyone. Love to his bright little soul and all at Edgars Mission.

  45. I have tears running down my face whilst sending you my thoughts and prayers for Frostie the snowgoat. RIP little one. I send my condolences to Pam and all the wonderful staff at Edgar’s Mission who are such loving ,caring and do a inspirational job. When stories of animal cruelty bring me to tears, there’s is consolation that these beautiful souls are given the love and respect they deserve through such wonderful organisations such as Edgar’s Mission. God Bless you all.

  46. I am so, so sorry to hear about Frostie. I am heartbroken by this news and I never even had the pleasure of meeting Frostie in person. He was such a sweet creature and I am so glad that he had such wonderful humans around to make his short time with us far better. You were a great companion and help to sweet little Frostie. I know you must be in great pain and my heart and prayers go out to you all the way from California. Thank you for being such a warm and caring and good person, and for loving animals like Frostie, and for spreading his message of positivity and kindness across the world. Sincerest condolences and love. Frostie, you will be missed and never forgotten. The sweetest little goat that ever walked (and wheeled) this earth. <3

  47. Dear Pam, I am so very sorry for your loss. I can only imagine your pain. R.I.P little Frosty.. Sending you hugs from Belgium , Pam. Thanks for making his short life beautiful.

  48. Hi Pam,

    I have just read your story about Frosty the goat and well….that brought a lot of tears to my eyes.
    All animals are special to the animal lover but when you get that one that connects with you, gee, it tugs hard at the heart strings when they go.
    I lost a budgie at the start of the year. His name was Billy and he was so special to me and he loved me to bits. People that do not have animals say to you, “but it’s just a budgie”. You know the soul connection that you have with these animals that are close and when they go it is extremely close to losing a relative. You may or may not agree with this but I am sure you know what I am talking about as you have started Edgars Farm and for someone to do something like that gives a huge indication you love animals to bits.
    I love most animals and you post some great stories on your site but I think Billy has swayed my loving towards birds and I know you have plenty of chooks in your care. Like the story you posted about rescuing all those chooks from the slaughter and I have donated for food for them.
    I would like to donate more food for them.
    I do love all the pics and stuff you have for the animals you take care of at Edgars Farm but the feathered variety are special to me. Is there any way I can donate and make sure the ‘feathers’ get some nice food for themselves?

    Thankyou for sharing your emotional stories too Pam. It takes someone special like you and you co-workers to look after neglected animals and make sure they are safe, have plenty of food and enjoy life in general.


    Dan Parsons

  49. Every one of us who has lost a beloved animal will know your pain today. Frostie’s short life was made very happy by you and your staff. RIP Frostie and take care of yourself Pam. We all love you.

    • Dear Pam and all at Edgars I am so sad to hear about Frosty. Such a sweet little goat. He was so lucky to have you in his life. His precious memory will live on at Edgar’s Mission and in the hearts of all who knew him. Take care.

  50. I am so sad. Dear little boy he was so gorgeous. I will miss
    seeing him and his progress on line. He was such a delight.
    Some beings enter our lives only for a short time but make the most impact. I will never forget him.

  51. Oh Pam . . . . . the death of that miraculous little creature must be breaking your heart. Please don’t forget that you gave Frostie the Snowgoat the only love and care he knew in his life. Without your love and care, he would have known NOTHING but death with never the touch of a loving hand. That may well have been his purpose for being here, to know what love is, rather than misery and no life at all. Bless the little darling – he was so very beautiful, and took to Leon Trotsky’s wheels like a pro.
    RIP little, beautiful, brave and lifewards Frostie. NOW you can really run, where nothing hurts, the grass is always lush, and there are many little friends to play with. And much love and an enormous hug for you, dear Pam – the Lady in the Hat. xxxxx

  52. This is very sad news. My heart goes out to you Pam and all the team. Frostie was a lovely little fellow who taught us lessons of joy, determination and the value of kindness and friendship. I am crying for his passing and grateful for his short life.

    I am also grateful for the work you do, Pam, in helping our precious animal friends. My thoughts are with you.

  53. Dear Pam and team at the farm,

    Heartbroken at the news of Frosty the snow goats passing. We lost an orphaned lamb who was beautiful and thriving at 4 months old from bloat. Happened so quickly we are still reeling. Thank god Frosty had you guys. Loved my pet dogs and cats growing up up but now I’ve gotten to look after and get to know a few little abandoned lambs, a calf and a goat I have been in awe of their bravery, personalities and love of life. And will never look at them any differently to any other indoors pets again! Keep up all your amazing work you are an inspiration.

  54. Once again Pam one of your stories has caused me tears. Sometimes tears of joy and others tears of grief and despair…. this is one of those latter times.

    Dear little Frostie, you may have been small in stature, but enormous in your love of your Mummy Pam and your love for life. For this you have made the world at Edgars Mission and beyond, a better place. Thanks once again to Pam and her wonderful Edgars Mission for making a difference to not only one little creatures life, but to all those who were following Frostie’s story. RIP little Frostie Man. We love you and unfortunately I did not get to meet you, so I will simply have to wait my turn….. x

  55. I am so sorry to hear about frosties passing, he was such a beautiful and inspirational little guy, this makes me so sad

  56. Thank you so much for sharing Frostie’s story with us and for taking such great care of him. His life may have been shortened by illness, but you certainly made the time he had more joyful.

    I will never forget his happy dance.

    Rest in peace, little snow goat.

  57. Dear Pam
    If I am heartbroken by the passing of this gentle, loveable creature then I could only imagine how shattered yours must be. I try unsuccessfully to write anything that will help ease how you must feel.

    I know right now it is small consolation to know there are complete strangers around the world crying with you, but the impact of one small white ball of innocence had left an enduring mark.

    The little baby was blessed to have spend his short life being so unconditionally loved.

    I wish for two things: your heart to heal; and for the legacy of this tiny creature to always humble people that may stumble across this story in years to come.

    Bless Frostie for his effortless ability to make people care.
    And bless you Pam for being without doubt the kindest sole I have had the privilege on never actually meeting but still having an enormous impact on my life.

  58. Gandhi once said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.
    Pam, you have surely given a boost to our moral progress by your unconditional love and faith in treating the least of one of God’s most precious creations. Our hearts are moved to believe that we can be a good people when we love what has been tossed aside and neglected. Little Frostie’s infectious “smile” will always remind us to breathe every breath and enjoy each moment of our God given lives. From the bottom of my heart….. thank you. Frostie is surely resting in peace…. for he knows how much he was loved and is still loved!

  59. Your story broke my heart. I have been watching Frostie’s progress since he came to you…….. rallying along with his progress as I was my own – and my own little baby goat’s.

    But, I lost my sweet little Tinley two weeks ago today. And have not yet come to terms with her passing. She was a 6 week old Boer goat who had came to me at 36 hours old and only 3 pounds. She slept with me. I bottled and diapered her through the night. Everyone who met her fell in love with her. But, nobody quite as much as me.

    It’s amazing how quickly these little ones can come into our homes and our hearts and show us such happiness. And it’s so unfair and tragic when they leave us.

    Thank you for sharing.

  60. Dear Pam many of us feel your pain. Not one of us like to say goodbye to a special friend wether it be big or small or young or old.
    It just hurts when their life hasnt been lived.

    Frostie touched so many who met him & those who didn’t
    Frostie is in a better place
    Running around with other baby angels

    Rip frostie

  61. Rest in peace my little angel. I will keep your video where you run and jump and danse of joy forever. In sad days, i look at it . You are one of those animals who wakes up people’s consciousness about killing or exploiting animals for their “supposedly” needs.. OM RATNA KRUTNA HUM. Also pray for your mom, for her sadness to diminishes and disappear as fast as possible. You will stay in my memory and my heart forever. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  62. Thank you for making this cute guys life so happy. He was such a pleasure to watch. May many other animals get the love you give so generously xx

  63. I am sorry to hear of Frostie’s passing. He touched a lot of lives including mine here in Metro Detroit, MI, USA. Giving this little guy a second chance was so wonderful to see. His Goat Happy Skipping is a joy to watch. Thank You for letting the world see this act of love.

  64. RIP Frostie. You’re an inspiration and you’ve touched a lot of people’s lives. Tearing up at work reading this sad news. Sending everyone at the Mission positive thoughts and please know that others around the globe are grieving with you.

  65. This makes me just want to cry. I can’t imagine the pain you’re feeling right now. Thanks for giving him a joyful life, even if it was cut short. It’s more than he would have had otherwise.

  66. IF I can stop one heart from breaking,
    I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,
    Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin
    Unto his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.
    -Emily Dickinson

    Frostie’s life mattered and EM cared enough to make it better. I’m sorry for your loss.

  67. I’m in tears about Frosty. He is on my Facebook with his little blue jacket. I can’t stop looking at him. He seems to be smiling. I’ve never been so touched by an animal until Frosty. It has truly saddened me.

  68. Dear Pam…
    Sad to hear of your loss….sweet little
    Frostie…left this world with his heart
    filled with love…we all thank you Pam ..
    and your wonderful team at EM for all
    you do for our beautiful friends…
    I am holding your hand and sending you
    all my love at this very sad time..
    Hugs from Jenny K xx

  69. I gasped when I saw this story on a news website. I then came to your blog to hear what happened directly from you. I was smitten with Frostie’s adorable face and spirit from the first time I saw him on video. I’m so sorry for your loss. I suppose he was sent to be a teacher, and with your love, he fulfilled his mission in the short time he was here. Thinking of you, and everyone who was blessed to be near Frostie. Keep up your amazing work.

  70. I am a 65 yr old man and i cant stop crying after seeing this story and videos my heart goes out to frostie why god does these things i will never understand but that little guy has my all my admiration and love he was so courageous.Rest in peace and enjoy gods animal heaven. and blessed are the people who were brought the joy of having frostie you were saints.

  71. I am so very sorry to hear this! I have goats and other critters and understand how difficult this is. Frosty was so very fortunate to have you. Now you have a beautiful pure white Frosty Angel to watch over you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  72. I was so sad last night when I learned of Frostie’s passing. I had only become aware of the little chap a couple of weeks ago but he had touched my heart. I am so sorry for your loss Pam but you enabled him to have a wonderful life. Thank you to all at Edgar’s Mission for the wonderful work you do. I only wish there were more people around like you and the world certainly would be a much nicer place. Rest in Peace little Frostie – I will never, ever forget you xxxxxxx

  73. RIP dear little Frostie.
    What a champion he was and how fortunate he was to have been able to live, even if only briefly, with the joy of being able to get around and be loved dearly.
    Don’t be anything other than proud that you gave him joy and love.

  74. Frostie’s story touched my heart,and even though I never met him, I cried for an our yesterday:(
    May Frostie rest in peace.
    He was incredible little goat,and it’s so unfair for him to leave us so early. I’m sure he’ll be smiling upon us, and all we all can do is keep him in our memory.

  75. Dear Pam, I am so, so sorry and heartbroken for you and Frostie. It does seem so unfair that such a bright loving spirit as his should be denied a long life. He brought joy to us all and I KNOW there is a heaven for him and all animals where peace and kindness reign forever.

  76. Words could never express my heartache at hearing at Frostie’s departure from this world. Didn’t know him, never met him, but I fell in love with him none the less. To Pam and everybody at Edgar’s mission… you have my sincere condolences and love in this time. Frostie is swirling through the heavens tonight, a ball of pure light and joy. If we’re very lucky, we might get to see him…

  77. I’ve been where you are and I understand the pain that you feel. I have learnt two things that have helped since I lost one little lamb and almost one little goat in quick succession. Firstly – up until they are 2 months old I always put half a container of yakult into their milk once a day to maintain good gut health. I also found later, when I had a goat that was incredibly bloated and I really thought I was going to lose her, just to give her bi-carb soda. they will eat it up themselves, and I’ve left it in a bowl to self administer ever since. It takes the gas out of them – allows them to fart it away. Hope this helps

  78. I am so very sorry to see this sad news. You worked so hard to give this dear little goat a chance at life. He would not have had the short happy life he had, if it wasn’t for you, so don’t beat yourself up.
    Scamper off to the Rainbow Bridge dear Frostie, your little legs will be well there. xx

  79. Oh how devastating! Why is it sometimes the ones that are with us for the shortest amount of time have such a huge impact on us. I am waiting to adopt a baby goat from Willowite Animal Sanctuary. Her name is Pearl. I was meant to adopt her and her sister Sue but Sue died of bloat just like little Frosty. I adore Pearl but I will never forget Sue. I hope Sue and Frosty are playing together now. May they Rest in Peace xox

  80. R.I.P., Frostie, you brave little goat!
    It is true that the brightest stars are the ones that last for a shortest time. And you were truly the one of the brightest!
    Your time in this life was brief, but you managed to touch the very hearts and souls of all true animal lovers. And for that you should (and will be) fondly remembered.
    I know that you are happy now, somewhere in goat’s heaven, and I’m sure that there are no boundaries for kind spirit like yours.

    And for you, guys from Edgar’s…all the best and all my love and support.

  81. My heart aches for you. If I could take away this unspeakable pain, I would. You will be in my prayers, friend. <3

  82. Thank you for loving Frostie, Pam. About Macbeth, Shakespeare wrote, “Your cause of sorrow must not be measured by his worth, for then it hath no end.” Frostie was pure goodness — and nothing is worth more than goodness.

  83. “It was not until I knew his spirit had passed that I would scream ‘why’ at the top of my lungs and sob inconsolably into his warm, sweet smelling white fur.” Just little dramatic, dont you think?

  84. To those loving souls at Edgers Mission, I saw a smile on Frostys face, he loved you and you could see it. Be happy that you had the chance to make his brief little life more than he could imagine. He was happy, he wants you to know that, I was fortunate to come across your website so I could experience this amazing act of kindness. Take comfort in the fact that you are doing all you can. I pray for your continued work and kindness for those who have no voice. Bless you dear sweet people. All my Love Judy

  85. Dear Pam, I am so sorry. I know that words can’t help and all the sage wisdom people will offer will not help. I just lost my Yorkie who was my heart. There is something about giving a perfect little being unconditional love…no matter what they do, it’s OK and you loe them for it…that makes the loss so much more deeply felt. I heard a eulogy at a funeral one time where the Rabbi said, “The greater the love, the greater the loss”. I now understand and I know you, do. My heart goes out to you because I do truly know how you are feeling. Mine was also a special circumstances little being. Words can not help. Please know that my heart is with you in your loss. The world is a darker place because our two little shining lights are no longer here.

  86. Ever since I found out of Frosty’s passing I have felt nothing but an overwhelming, deep sadness that refusses to leave me. I have grieved for a little creature I had never met or touched but has profoundly affected me and I know others. My heart aches thinking about him and his struggle and why this had to happen when he bought so much joy. Pam you gave a little creature more love and kindness than others get in a lifetime. That is all we can ever do for them. We all pass onto the next life it’s just that I feel robbed – Frosty went too soon – he was so beautiful and full of joy. Hopefully time will ease this feeling of extreme longing for things to have been different. Bless you Pam and everyone at Edgars Mission – you are angels in human form. Frosty is still with you in spirit – I’m sure of it.

  87. I read this post with great sorrow. Tho I live a world away from Edgar’s, Frosty’s videos just made my heart sing. I am so sorry for your loss, and the loss of his bright spirit.

  88. I am so upset to read this about Frosty. Words cannot describe how emotional I am. To see that adorable little face. Frosty was so loved by all. So said for the loss. Will miss seeing Frosty.

  89. Dearest Pam,
    I have been following Frostie’s story and was very saddened to learn of his passing. Please know that you are an inspiration to me and the love and care you showed to Frostie was a joy to behold.

  90. to pam and all at edgars mission,my heart breaks once again for your loss, I am saddened and the tears are flowing, thinking of you rita

  91. have just heard that frostie isn’t with us anymore. so sad sad. I take comfort in knowing that he wasn’t in pain until the end. my thoughts are with everyone that cared for him.

  92. As a biologist and animal lover, Frostie’s end was truly a shock. I can’t
    look at the little guy without my eyes filling with tears. I only hope he
    didn’t suffer at the end.

  93. Heartbreaking news. Frosty should remain an inspiration to us all – never give up. Rest in gentle peace, dear Frosty. God Bless.

  94. Frostie, I miss you already. I fell in love with you from a half a world away. You brought me laughter and happiness in some of my darker moments. I love you. I hope you’re trotting happily over the Rainbow Bridge and playing tirelessly. Thank you so much for touching my life so deeply. I cried for a half hour after I learned that you had left us. I am so grateful to you and Edgar’s Mission for letting us be a part of your journey. You all have forever touched my heart. May your sweet little soul rest in peace<3

    • Pam, I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you must be going through. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey wtih Frostie. My deepest condolences to you and Edgar’s Mission.

  95. I’m balling right now… I had just seen the video of him overcoming and finally walking… and I was crying tears of joy… then scrolled down the comments and read he has passed… I was hoping it was a hoax… and now I find, right after I was crying for joy… that little frosty has passed… I can only imagine your pain. If from another country, another continent, I lay in tears and broken hearted… I can only imagine the excruciating pain you feel… frosty is a symbol to us all… and he will be happy knowing that his message may save other animals… and us as people as well! Thank you Frosty for your life… we love you! Rest in Peace you precious little one!

  96. Dear Pam – I am so very sorry and saddened to learn of precious Frostie’s passing. It was only just now, moments ago after watching that wonderfully inspirational video, that I even knew who Frostie was or that he even existed. That video definitely impacted me and thank you so much for your tender care with him and helping to show him that he could overcome his disabilities … which he so beautifully did and with such grandeur. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. The animal kingdom, all critters large and small, are blessed having you in their world. In baby Frostie’s name you will flourish again! Rest in peace little baby … you were so loved!

  97. Pam, you write SO beautifully. Your words capture so profoundly the beauty of animals and their spirits and the love that can exist between them and humans. I love your line to the journalist asking what you wanted out of sharing Frostie’s story. “I want for people to be kind to animals”. It really is as simple as that. Why is this so difficult. But people like you and your organisation are making this more of a reality for animals every day. I read this blog with tears streaming down my cheeks. Happy and sad ones. Thank you for all the love you give rescued animals and the attention you give the issue of animal welfare. RIP Frostie. You were most certainly a beautiful soul who touched many people’s hearts. XXX

  98. My heart aches for you- and for the rest of us too! What a loving, intelligent, courageous, indomitable, strong, soft, cuddly,
    sweet, little soul who has left us way too soon. I know you are heartbroken (as was I when I found out!) you loved and cared for him with all your heart. He knew you loved him and will wait for you at the
    Rainbow Bridge so that you will be with him again one day. Love and
    prayers that you will wind your way through this journey of grief to healing memories!

  99. I was just introduced to Frosty the snow goat today via a friend on Facebook. My heart was “dancing” when I saw his story, extreme progress and joy in this sweet creature. Then I read this article and shed tears for your loss. I do not have experience with goats but they remind me so much of my pet rabbits. I had a special needs rabbit, Goldie with hind leg paralysis. She was left to die in a local park, mite infested and severely underweight. They said she would not survive the night so I told them we will give her comfort as long as she was here. She survived 10 more years! I see so many of the characteristics are the same. They show us such appreciation and love and fill our hearts with joy. Jumping and jiving and having pure fun. And now just a few weeks ago I lost my little man Bailey way too soon at 2 yrs old. He was also a park dumped rabbit (a problem way too common) that we scooped up. A baby weaned from his momma too soon. Unfortunately he passed like dear Frosty — bloat. It was found that he had an intestinal blockage. But no matter how short we had them in our lives, they are forever in our hearts. Your Frosty has touched so many people. People from miles away and even months after his passing. Thank you for sharing his story, his images and his soul. May he rest in peace and may you find peace in the fact that you help him thru his plight. Warmest regards to you!

  100. I wish i could just once kiss and hug Frosty. I met him yesterday and fell in love with him. Now i learned that he passed away. I will always remember and love him <3 I hope we come together in heaven :(

  101. So sorry about Frosty’s death. Bloat is such a lousy thing but in this case there was already so much more going on.

    Although I’ve worked with goats before, I never had one as part of the family until just recently. My old mare, Kechena (27) had to be put down in early October, leaving her 20 year old daughter (and me), grief stricken and lonely. 23 years is a long time to have an animal and Sahali had been with her mom her whole life. I even let them self-wean.

    So Keitou, the Nubian wether, entered our family partially for company for Sahali. He is so much fun, such a sweetheart that I don’t know what I was thinking never having a goat before!

    But bloat is a constant source of worry.

    Rest easy, Frosty.

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