Mick Jagger Rocks the Macedon Ranges!!


While disappointed fans lamented the no-show of the Rolling Stones last weekend at Hanging Rock, little did they know, just a stones throw away (pardon the pun), Mick Jagger was belting out tunes. Holding centre hay bale in a quiet paddock nestled in the heart of the Macedon Ranges, Jagger ‘kidded’ around with a few of his favourite fans. Top of the playlist were classic tunes such as I Goat The Blues, Jumpin’ Goat Flash, You Caprine Always Get What You Want, and Get Off Of My Tractor.


Now while this Mick Jagger may not have had the colourful reputation of his human namesake, his signature pouting lips, lapping tongue and wicked way with the ladies, earned him the title. Rescued some years ago by local animal charity, Edgar’s Mission, Mick Jagger’s life had certainly lacked any satisfaction.

“Poor Mick certainly had a tough time before we were alerted to his plight,” said Sanctuary Director, Pam Ahern. “He had been cruelly tormented and beaten about. One of the sad legacies of this abuse, is the loss of sight in his left eye, which was poked out by an uncaring human. It understandably took us quite some time to gain the poor fellow’s trust.”

Edgar’s Mission is famous not only for the exemplary care they afford all the animals in their fold, but the quirky names given to each resident. As Pam explains, “We name all our animals soon after their arrival. The names result from some notable personality trait, their circumstance or something to do with their rescue”. One thing is for sure, with over 350 happy animals currently at the sanctuary, these folk certainly do not have a ‘Heart of Stone!’


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7 thoughts on “Mick Jagger Rocks the Macedon Ranges!!

  1. Tooooo cute…..
    I went to the Adelaide Rolling Stones concert …..enjoyed watching Mick and the boys…..but I think Edgar’s Mission – Mick Jagger is the real deal!!!!…..
    “Emotional rescue”…..”Not Fade Away”….”Sympathy for the Animals”…thanks to the lady with the hat and crew…you are the best!!!
    Jenny from Ocean Grove

  2. Ditto that………………The Lady in the Hat and her kindness crew are the very best! Just look at all of the happy & healthy animals. Very, very lucky (and handsome) guy is this Mick Jagger.

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