Edgar’s Mission at the Bupa Blog Awards

Bupa Blog Awards

Omg omg omg… Thank you so much to Bupa and to everyone who voted for us! Because of you not only will the Animal Lovers Blog Award be heading home with us but the People’s Choice Blog Award will be too!!! omg omg omg… Thank you!!!

It’s wonderful to see kindness for animals recognised at such a level! And remember a happier healthier world for all begins with you!

Bupa Blog Awards

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8 thoughts on “Edgar’s Mission at the Bupa Blog Awards

  1. Congrats, Jennifer!As a vegetarian frtiling with veganism, I have a question about Earth Balance. I bought a box of this, hoping I could substitute it for butter. But I found that it left a strange coated feeling in my mouth. Kind of what I’d expect Crisco to feel like, if I’d ever eaten Crisco, gakk. I don’t remember which Earth Balance product I tried, it came in an oblong box that was the size of a box that holds four sticks of butter. Do they have a better product?

  2. As a vegetarian/vegan, I give thanks every day for wonderful people like you lot who care for animals. I have seen lots of cruel/thoughtless & uncaring incidents concerning animals etc in my long life, & am now seeing things changing for the better for our fellow travelers on this wonderful earth of ours. I always believed that we were at the “top” of the list & therefore we have a duty of care for lesser creatures.

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