“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”


Earlier today we received a call from a factory worker to advise that kittens had been found abandoned at an industrial warehouse.  Seeking refuge in a metal carryall, the tiny waifs lay huddled, not knowing that danger lurked just moments away.  With a call for the carryall ordered, the distressed worker didn’t wish to move the piece of machinery, knowing full well that if they did the kittens would perish.


We had but a short window of opportunity to try and save the kittens and stave off the forklift that would surely crush them.  Although our efforts were not quick, we had both the patience of the worker and luck on our side and four tiny kittens were eventually pulled one by perilous one from the tiny holes in the carry all.  But despite our successful rescue, it was with heavy hearts that we left, as no mother cat was in sight.


However no sooner had our Kindness Van touched down at Edgar’s Mission, delivering its very special cargo, than we received another call from the factory worker to say that a mother cat had been spotted in the same area the kittens were found.  Once again our rescue team was dispatched, hoping that our hour long journey would not see us arriving too late. After scaling fences and hiding in bushes, a mother cat was soon sighted, a trap set and with bated breath our rescuers waited… and waited… and waited.


The rest is one of the most wonderful rescue stories of the year.  Ohana certainly thinks so!

 Ohana Ohana

Ohana Ohana Ohana Ohana

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30 thoughts on ““Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”

  1. just beautiful. i look forward to seeing them bloom under your love and care in the comming weeks. poor lil things, im super glad you found mama puss, what a happy ending

  2. I’m a cat rescuer here in Texas and I love to follow your beautiful mission on Facebook. This story is exemplary of the dedication felt by all rescuers who believe that every single life is precious. Thank you for your grace and determination.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you…from the bottom of all of our hearts and especially those little hearts you continue to save!!! Love you guys and I use your examples of kindness in my own world every day.

  4. for me you are a model to follow. i’m from italy and i wish i will be able to create a centre as your that’s in my project. thank you for all you do ’cause everyone who breathe is important.

  5. Very moving story……so glad they were rescued. It is always so sad when animals are abandoned and mistreated. I hope they all find a very good home.

  6. Wonderfully written article on a brilliant rescue. Mother and babies are beautiful (Mums smile in the pic of her feeding her babies, is heart warming).
    Thank you for your existence Pam and everyone at Edgars Mission…..and a huge thank you must go to the factory worker who did everything in their power to make sure this family was saved <3

  7. Once again I am so grateful to Edgar’s Mission for what you do. These little babies look so much happier already and a few weeks of EM special care will ensure a happy outcome for one and all. I am so very pleased you found mum too. xx

  8. I am so glad the man at the factory had a heart…..and bless you all for hearts that know these living sentient furry beings are someones not expendable somethings! <3

  9. Go you little white trash kitties, you’ll be looking and feeling a million bucks in no time! In fact, you’re already bloody adorable. Just look at the paws on that kitty second from the right in the last photo. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
    Good on you, Pam and your Pamettes – and excellent work, factory worker: MAJOR animal welfare credits to you!

  10. What beautiful people you all are! And what a happy family you have rescued. Thank you for this and all of the rescues you perform.

  11. Thank god that there are people in this world like you who care and protect animals. Just watched your video of the rescue of the kittens and mother cat and it was heartbreaking but heartwarming at the same time. Thank you for such wonderful and valued work.

  12. Such a beautiful and moving story, This little family is so incredibly lucky to be rescued by you amazing people at Edgars Mission who truly believe, and rightfully so, that every single life is precious. My heart melted when I saw these beautiful little kittens who now will be very much loved for the rest of their lives. The beautiful contented look on Mumma’s face when she was re united with her babies, well words can’t describe it. Thankyou to the kind factory worker who alerted you to the plight of this little famiy also. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to all at Edgars Mission for the work you do,

  13. Crying why I watched the video, well done and thankyou to all at the mission for doing what you do for all the animals ,that have no voice . Kind wishes to the worker and his respect for the life of these tiny babies.

  14. This is so beautiful and it restores my faith in human beings – nobody could watch and not be brought to tears!!!
    Edgars Mission are angels in disguise, thank you for your dedication and perseverance xxx

  15. Wonderful job rescuing these dear kitties Pam and all at Egdra’s Mission. And thank you to the wonderful worker at the factory who contacted you. They are lucky cats indeed, thanks to you.

  16. I feel good as these kittens with their mother were rescued. Thank you for saving them! Hope these creatures will find good homes with caring owners. Merry Christmas for all animal savers!

  17. Each and every action you take is an inspiring act <3 keep up the incredible work I can't wait to follow these little ones journey!

  18. Brings tears to my eyes! Thank you, and huge thanks also to the worker for trying to help these little guys :) Any updates on the family please?

  19. Being a crazy cat lover I cried all the way through this video
    So beautiful but so sad at the same time. Cats get such a bad
    wrap from so many people which I don’t understand as they are
    so loving, sensitive, loyal and have beautiful souls. A quote that comes to mind “When rescuing animals I lost my mind but found
    my soul” comes to mind. You guys are incredible !!

  20. HI
    everyone at edgars mission this little story moved me to tears, I am so in awe of the wonderful work you do it is truly awe inspiring and I am sure must open many hearts along the way , which is why animals roles are so important ( and misunderstood ) Thank you for your tenacious and committed passion for the animals you help
    Warmest wishes
    Jacqui meadows Wales UK

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