Well hello Piggy Sue!!!

Penelope Sue

You may recall our recently rescued sow Piggy Sue. This kindly girl, with a sad look in her eye arrived at our sanctuary with a past hidden behind her battered body. And now we have learned there was something else that was well hidden beneath her thin and frail frame as her new carers report the birth of nine baby piglets! Amongst the tiny babies is an even tinier one, little Penelope Sue. Being a ‘runty’ little girl she needs a bit of a hand, so that is just what we have determined to give her.

Penelope Sue

Since her arrival at the sanctuary it is not only Penelope Sue who is oinking out squeals of delight. And already the little one, at just five days old, is reminding us of just how clean piggies are as she demands to be taken outside for ‘toilets’.

We sincerely thank Kim and her family for the love and tender care they are showering upon dear Piggy Sue and her babies.

Penelope Sue

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Penelope Sue   Penelope Sue Penelope Sue  Penelope Sue Penelope Sue Penelope Sue

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11 thoughts on “Well hello Piggy Sue!!!

  1. She is SO tiny. I can kind of get a frame of reference as to her size by how she fits in your hand, but is there something else to put her next to so we can see? Living here in Chicago I’ve never seen a piglet before!

  2. Ohhh she is such a little beauty! So glad she was born into a safe and loving home <3 Thank you for all you do for animals. You're heroes :)

  3. I love my namesake piglet! As an animal welfare scientist and cognitive ethologist, I was especially delighted to discover I have a four-legged ‘twin’! Please contact me if you’d like some ambassadorial work done. Thanks Edgar’s Mission! Keep up your incredible work! @edgarsmission #allanimalsareamazing

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