A story of hope

Meet Soda Pop! Unable to stand… but we will do everything in our power to get her up on her feet!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

If you would like to help animals like Soda Pop, please consider Edgar’s Mission worthy of your support and give a tax deductible donation to our Helping Hand Appeal.

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23 thoughts on “A story of hope

  1. Well, I thought I’d seen it all, the amazing things you do at Edgar’s Mission!! But, the miracle work you, Pam, Kyle and all the wonderful people there do, just keeps coming! Just incredible! Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories with us. I cannot think of a nicer way to start the day!! Love you all – Lia

  2. You are all so fantastic at Edgar’s Mission, and I thank you with all my heart. Of all the animals in the world, it’s farm animals that seem to be treated the worst – they’re “just food”, and not worthy of being taken care of. And how lovely they all are. I just love pigs . . . . . as friendly as dogs, and not far from being so intelligent as dogs are.
    I’m getting old now, and am very sad that it took me until my late 30’s to pay much attention to farm animals – probably because computers weren’t around, and we just didn’t get the news about them that we do now. What a pity that the information that was coming through then was so utterly appalling, and seemingly getting worse.
    My time is mostly taken up now with writing messages of objection to the way ALL animals are treated around the world now, and I sign any petition that comes my way,
    Incidentally, are you still going to be part of Care 2’s Petition site as you were (last year?). That’s where I discovered you, as you won the Overseas Prize (I think). I sign there every day, though I’m waiting for the new site to start – I believe they’re changing it all around. If you were there again, I would of course vote for you all the time – though before I discovered you (when it was all over for the season) I always voted for the Sanctuary for Senior Dogs – I hate the way people get fed up with their dogs when they get older, and just dump them, or leave them in empty places when the people move on. They are in the States, of course – I haven’t found all that many places in Australia. I’m a member of Animals Australia, and have a monthly donation with them, and with a few other places too. Being on an aged Pension, buried in country Qld. I have very little “spare” funds, but it all goes to help animals, ALL of whom I love deeply. I know all the dogs in the area, but very few of the neighbours, lol. I have two beautiful Shelter dogs, one who is getting on now, (she’ll be 11 on 18th June) and my lovely young boy (he’ll be 5 on 5th August) – and they’re gorgeous. I also have a Brown Burmese cat – I know the lady who breeds them, and he was a gift – gorgeous creature that he is.
    I’m sorry this is so verbose – but I really wanted to know about the Care 2 competition, and if you were still going to be in it.
    I bought some delightful keyrings from you a couple of weeks ago, and they are really lovely – so beautifully made, with your wonderful slogan on a tag with them. They’re for my Grand-Girls, whom I’m trying to make very animal-aware. I only send them gifts from Animal Sites, because they have MORE than everything, and they MUST learn that this is NOT the way the whole world works – well I think they MUST, anyway.
    With love to you all, truly – LOVE – for all you do. What a fantastic place and people you are. I shall have to go into my economics, and see if I can shuffle some money around, and help you in a very minor way. Bless you all.
    Leah. x

  3. What a heart warming story. Every time I read one of your posts or watch one of your video’s it makes me thankful for what we have & appreciate everything more. Edgars Mission is truly a wonderful place!

  4. My friend Mary is smiling down on you and all at the sanctuary.
    Thank you for sharing the photo of your Mary pig. Mary had a little (OK, not so little) pig. She would love that, and I’m sure she’s very happy that donations to her went to you at Edgar’s Mission.

  5. Pam, I am crying like a baby. Thank you to all of you for everything you do for these precious ones. Love certainly transcends.

  6. I cried tears of joy as I watched Soda Pop’s journey! What a wonderful Sanctuary you have for these precious animals. Thank-you for being so loving and giving of yourselves to help those that need a little extra love and help:)

  7. What a beautiful story. I cried when I saw Soda Pop take her first steps. Rescuing and caring for animals is an effort so close to my heart. Thank goodness for all of you at the mission for your never ending love for these animals.

  8. Es una gran misión ayudarlos de verdad si hubiera una igual en san Miguel de Allende gto yo de verdad ayudaría en mis tiempos libres los felicito una gran historia gracias x cuidarlos animales

  9. My eyes leak everytime I see this. I want to be one of those that help those babies. If I could find out about this in my area I would give all my extra time, its a lot, to them. I live in Council Bluffs, IA if you know of any place within a 50 mile area please email me.

  10. I am balling watching Soda Pops videos! God bless you guys for what you do. It’s amazing how far she came in a week! She’s walking! :) you guys are truly amazing.

  11. Three stories of Soda Pop,AMAZING and Pam you are the most tolerate”, patient , and kind loving person on the planet.,
    I never tire of your “site”. Always amazing treatment of,animals.
    We did,contribute to,the pig “palace”

  12. Is there an update on Soda Pop? I’ve been following her progress and have seen up to part 3. I hope she continues to improve, this story (as well as all the others!) has touched my heart

  13. My first time watching these remarkable animals and their transitions to a healthier happier life. You and your fantastic staff are doing an amazing job of restoring and giving these beaten down beauties a second chance. I would love to be in your wellies when you witness miracles like these for the first time. Please keep on doing what you are doing to give these beautiful animals the chance they deserve in life :)

  14. Thank you so much for all the work that you do, and dedication to all of those wonderful animals. May God Bless you always!

  15. Such beautiful souls helping those poor animals. Brought so much hope and joy to watch the progress you made with Soda Pop!
    keep up the great work that you do! you are Gods Angels!

  16. wonderful story of hope and love. Thank goodness for people like you. With all the brutality we see day in and day out, this truly is a story of hope. Thank you for sharing it!

  17. I just seen the video on Soda Pop , what a precious soul. I was truly inspired by what you all do and the happiness I seen in everyone when you all seen Soda Pop , walk for the first time …priceless . My faith in humanity has been restored … God bless each and everyone one of you that put your heart and soul into rescuing these precious animals and give them a second chance that they so deserve….I’m curious how is soda pop ? Also the other lambs and dog I seen in the video ?
    God bless
    Janet Ball

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