Kindness at Karingal


Life is indeed a melting pot of people, places and animals. Add in a touch of kindness and magic happens, just ask those present at Karingal Elderly Citizen’s Hostel recently when the good folk from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary came to town. Accompanied by a friendly sheep, a cheeky goat and an affable rooster, residents we able to get up close and personal, sinking craggy hands into fur, feathers and fleece, old memories were revived and conversations commenced. While it was Timmy the sheep who charmed everyone with his calm persona, little Miss-Chief decided everything was edible and Lorenzo Rooster truly amazed with his devilishly handsome good looks and friendly nature. Animals have long held a fascination for humans for so many reasons. Their non-judgmental ways make their company appealing but it is in their ability to communicate beyond words that is truly enchanting.


And animals have been shown to have so many positive benefits for human health; lowering blood pressure, heart rates and stress chemical and they make us feel good!!

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