World Egg Day

Little Miss Sunshine

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Brainteaser aside, we argue firmly that it’s the humble chicken who is deserving of our first concern. On World Egg Day we want to celebrate the often unseen chickens behind the eggs that line supermarket shelves.

Little Miss Sunshine was once a commercial laying hen, and she would like to share her story with you. Little Miss Sunshine spent the first part of her life on a factory farm, barely able to take a step let alone spread her wings, and never enjoyed the simple pleasures of sunshine.

When the cage egg producer had a change of heart and decided he could no longer profit from the suffering of living, feeling creatures, he surrendered Little Miss Sunshine and all 1,080 of her friends to Edgar’s Mission. And what a mission the rescue was – thankfully every last chicken found a loving home. Since then, Little Miss Sunshine has become an ambassador for her kind, a movie star and travelled all the way to Sydney, of course stopping at the Opera House for a gander. But her main starring role is living a rich and happy life with her new family, where she’s free to spread her wings and laze in the sunshine whenever the urge takes her.

Little Miss Sunshine

On World Egg Day, honouring chickens is all about recognising every one has a different, often quirky, personality and loves to forage, dustbathe and will lay, eyes closed, in the suns warm rays. In the egg industry, hens are thought of as production units, yet they are equally as deserving as Little Miss Sunshine of living a long and happy life.

Public concern about the way chickens are treated is growing and we’ve seen multinational chains like McDonalds respond and announce a phase out of cage eggs by 2017. This consumer concern is also translating into exciting new foods that imitate animal products but are completely plant based, like Vegg and Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg. Little Miss Sunshine knows that the kindest thing you can do for chickens is to ditch eggs, so she has just the recipe to keep your egg-free baking binding.

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