Lights, action, shears!

Shining the kindest light on two most dishevelled alpacas has unearthed one of the most dramatic makeovers not-for-profit animal sanctuary, Edgar’s Mission, has ever seen. Director Pam Ahern explains: “I was shocked beyond belief when I first saw the girls, although I couldn’t even determine what gender they were because of the overgrown fleece that burdened them. Not only was their matted fleece covered in sticks, twigs and leaves, but several pieces of barbed wire had become entangled as well.”

Alpaca Rescue

The Macedon Ranges Council had earlier discovered the two abandoned alpacas on council land. Fearing for their welfare, they contacted Edgar’s Mission to assist. Days later Grace Kelly and Lauren Bacall (as they have been christened) were whisked away to the safety of the local animal charity where a set of shears was on hand to greet them. Pam said: “The transformation has been dramatic and clearly shows the dire state into which they have fallen.”

Alpaca Rescue

“It is incomprehensible how anyone could allow this to happen to an animal, they rely on us for everything. Sadly we saw evidence that a third alpaca had died some time earlier. Their heavy fleece is a burden in so many ways and could well lead death.” Local alpaca shearer, John Tully, who expertly shore Grace and Lauren, trimmed their overgrown toenails and administered vaccinations and vitamin shots, estimates the alpacas had not been shorn for up to four years. For now, the girls are resting comfortably in the hospital ward at the sanctuary where they are preparing to walk the catwalk to their forever home, no doubt turning many heads and hearts along the way.

Alpaca Rescue Alpaca RescueAlpaca RescueAlpaca RescueAlpaca RescueAlpaca Rescue

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23 thoughts on “Lights, action, shears!

  1. Oh these poor, poor girls. Imagine all the horrendous hot days they have been forced to endure over the last four years; all the days when they were weighed down by the terribly heavy burden of wet wool when it rained. Not to mention the barbed wire! How can people who allow this to happen live with themselves? I hope karma deals suitably with those responsible!
    Pam and all at Edgars Mission, once again you have arrived on the scene like the knights in shining armour that you are. You weave your magic: capturing, transforming, feeding, watering, giving love, kindness and a happy & safe forever home. You make this world a far, far better place. Thank you!

    • Pam, your incredible ability to narrate ALWAYS brings a lump to my throat and many tears to my eyes <3 Lucky, lucky beautiful Alpacas aka Grace and Lauren. Sending lots of love to all at Edgar's Mission xx

  2. I’m wondering if you were able to use the fleece for anything, or was it too filthy/matted from the lack of care. Also, will you be posting updates? I’d love to see the girls as they rehab. Thank you from the US!

  3. What a beautiful story. They have been given a second chance and a new lease on life. Well done Pam and the rest of the Edgar’s Mission Team. You guys are amazing.

  4. Wow, what an amazing makeover!
    You guys never fail to make me cry profusely, all tears of sheer joy though for the work you do.
    It is truly remarkable to have people like you walking this planet and it is a better place because of you:)

  5. I love the transformation of Grace and Lauren. They are such beautiful girls. Hope they recovery quickly from their traumatic ordeal of being weighted down with all that fleece. The John the shearer did a wonderful job Sending love to everyone at Edgar’s Mission.


  6. Those beautiful eyes and faces say it all. They peer into our souls. Hope to see them in a few weeks time after good food and bundles of love have been provided. They deserve it all.

    Once again Edgar’s Mission has shown to way to kindness. A lesson for us all!!!

  7. Oh the poor darlings, one can’t imagine how they have suffered over the last four years. Thank you Pam for another heart touching rescue. I wish these beautiful girls a happy, safe life.

  8. Oh dear indeed! To Pam and team – and the rangers – on behalf of those gorgeous gals, thank you for your kindness and strength. Sending sympathy for their lost friend too. I’m a strong believer in kindness and karma in all forms – it knows who’s good and bad! Thank you again! millions of xxx and ooo!

  9. Poor babies! Glad to see they have found a safe place to be. If they need a home they are welcome to join our small herd of four. We would look after them.

  10. Thank God for Pam and her fabulous team at Edgar’s Mission. I am staggered that any human can be so utterly cruel and dismissive of animals anywhere. Now these two beauties have a chance at a real, proper & fit life – at last. God speed their healthy recovery now they have found a loving, caring new home with the ‘right’ types of humans. It happened in a nick of time.
    THANK YOU PAM and everyone involved in this urgent rescue mission.

  11. Pam and crew you are angels! God bless you for the work you do! If I ever get the opportunity to come to Australia, I would love to visit Edgar’s Mission. Love from New Jersey ❤️

  12. How typical of what humans can do. Cynical I may be but seriously, sometimes we can be a disgusting race (not all) and I do agree that karma does come around, maybe just not in our lifetime, but…eventually. Thank goodness for Pam and those like her who truly make this world a better place for those who truly deserve it.xxxx

  13. It is definitely kindness to take in these abandoned alpacas as Edgars Mission has done, but it would have been kinder if these animals had never needed rescuing in the first place.

    As a dedicated & registered alpaca breeder it always saddens me to see alpacas sold to people who are not really suitable owners & situations like these girls found themselves in is so often the result.

    Alpacas are very attractive animals & this often encourages people who want a cuddly furry pet to try buying some – but alpacas are not dogs or teddy bears. They are livestock that require important & regular husbandry tasks if they are to be kept in good condition. I can’t count the number of times I have told people that alpacas are not suitable for them because they live in suburbia, don’t want to shear them, just want their kids to be able to cuddle them etc etc – I just wish all people breeding alpacas had the integrity to knock back a sale if it’s not in the interest of the animals.

    Those poor girls must have been in a lot of pain carrying all that weight. OMG!!! How can so called people be soo cruel??? i ask myself this everyday..
    Thank You Once Again ALL at Edgar’s xxxx

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