It’s National Pig Day somewhere

With heavy thighs atop dainty trotters, satisfyingly curly tails and love heart snouts, pigs are trotting their merry way into the affections of people the world over. Here at Edgar’s Mission, we’ll take any excuse to celebrate pigs, so we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on our resident porcine princes and princesses on (America’s) National Pig Day.

Pigs are considered one of the smartest species to roam the earth, but we’re just scratching the surface on understanding their worlds and capabilities. If you’ve never had the pleasure of spending time with one or more of these affable creatures, you won’t be privy to their remarkable intelligence, persistence and playfulness.

Candice Croney, animal behavior bioethicist from Oregon State University, realised that “pigs are able to make comparisons and grasp the relationship between those objects based on color, odor, or location.”[1] This means pigs are able to work through an abstract problem to find a solution, for example if there are 9 yellow balls and 1 pink ball, they’re able to pick out which object is the odd one out without being given any direction.

Every day we see the intelligence of pigs shine first hand. In Piggy Paradise we had a self-service shower installed so the pigs can have a rinse off after a long day of foraging and wallowing. They are incredibly clean after all, even piglets shortly after birth will leave the nest to do their “business” – and we don’t mean wheeling and dealing.

They also have an irresistible desire to play, piglets learn to be more confident and outgoing, while older pigs can become bored and depressed without access to a comfortable space to frolic and play in.[2] Their childlike playfulness keeps them young at heart and helps strengthen the bonds between companions. And perhaps the sweetest thing about pigs is their devoted connection – they will often find one life partner they sleep with, snout to snout, every night.


[1] Hatkoff, Amy 2009 “The Inner World of Farm Animals” Stewart, Tabori and Chang, pp. 95

[2] Hatkoff, Amy 2009 “The Inner World of Farm Animals” Stewart, Tabori and Chang, pp. 116

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8 thoughts on “It’s National Pig Day somewhere

  1. Thank you for this beautiful video about pigs. They are so intelligent, sweet, happy, playful and loving – it simply defies belief that people think it is OK to raise them in horrific circumstances, and after a life of abject misery, kill and eat them. How can these people live with themselves? How can they?

  2. Wish I had a place for a few, I would certainly welcome a several pigs to my family…..some day…I will. Belly rubs all around.
    They are magnificent!

  3. Thanks for the adorable video, it made me smile. I wish that all people one day will see them in this way, wonderful intelligent creatures for no purpose other than to experience life :)

  4. Thank you for this wonderful Video. I will keep it in the ‘system’
    and refer to it at stressful times, especially after experiencing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz…serial deniers of Rights of Women, LGBT Communities and immigrants.

  5. I have a very very special place in my heart for pigs.They are so misunderstood.They are intelligent,funny,playful and clean and much much more. My daily posts are a joy. Thank you to the lady in the hat (Pam) ,all the volunteers and supporters of Edgars.

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