Be Cruelty-Free Week: Leather

Cruelty Free Week

Be Cruelty-Free Week is dedicated to spreading awareness of the cruel and unnecessary testing of cosmetics on our fine feathered, finned and furry friends. We’d humbly like to add there are so many other easy ways to live cruelty-free.

We all know about the cruelty involved in fur, but leather often sneaks under the ethical radar. Many would argue leather is a mark of quality and status, but the unseen suffering animals killed for their skins endure is undeniably horrific.

Why be cruel when it’s so easy to be kind? Kindness is always fashionable, especially now there are so many cruelty-free shoe, clothing and accessory brands popping up far and wide. In Melbourne we have Vegan Style, but in the digital age access to ethical stores online is the new black. Check out Moo Shoes, this list of brands by The Vegan Scholar or go to Shop Style, type in vegan at the top and then choose from the categories on the left.

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