Harmony Day: Everyone Belongs

Harmony Day

Today, across Australia, we celebrate Harmony Day. The word harmony is often used to describe music, the orchestrated hum of instruments as their melodies rise and blend in pleasing arrangement. Harmonies come together, each chord welcomed and complimenting the others.

As you may well already know, Edgar’s Mission is home to over 450 farmed animals of different species. Tour along our paths and walk through our paddocks and you’ll understand why we say this is a place of magic, a place where dreams come true. There’s a peace among the animals who live here and harmony in the way they interact, aside from the occasional dispute over a delicious piece of food or territory.

Harmony Day

When new animals arrive, scared and alone, they quickly find comfort in the warmth of a furred or feathered long-timer. A meeting and the exciting discovery of new friends, they create bonds that make their long lives all the richer. It could be that the animals who call this sanctuary home know they’re lucky and have been pardoned from the grim fate that had once awaited them. But it’s more likely our residents live harmoniously because they have no reason to fight, they have an intrinsic inner peace that others can’t help but be affected by. They accept that others belong here too, living along side them.

Harmony Day

Knowing this, that farmed animals are so gentle, built for tranquillity and accepting of each other, should be a lesson for us human animals. In a place of justice and fairness there’s no call for conflict, so we should strive to be welcoming, kind and compassionate. We all have a place here together on this little green and blue planet – here everyone belongs.

Harmony Day Harmony Day Harmony Day

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