Oh kale yeah, it’s VegWeek!


Lettuce celery-brate this thyme with a fruit and veg smorgasbord. It doesn’t mean you’ll stop being a funghi (or girl!), when you’re experimenting with plant-based meals there’s so mushroom for creativity, developing fresh skills and trying exciting new flavours.

But don’t feel melon-choly, you won’t be plumb left out in the dark – when you sign up to VegWeek, Compassion Over Killing will email you some grape treats and hook you up with sublime recipes, cherry sweet hints and up-beet info on how plant-based eating benefits your health and the planet.

If you’ve bean thinking about it but haven’t yet signed up, go to http://usvegweek.com/ and add your name to the thousands already pledging to go veg between the 18th and 24th of April. They’re waiting for you to turnip.

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