A short, joyous life


If the day Edgar Alan Pig came into my life was one of the happiest, and the day he left the saddest, then what came in between was the most meaningful. Every day of my life with Edgar was a gentle reminder that we come into this world with lessons to learn and lessons to teach. The good student quickly realises that we cannot become better until we do better, and when it comes to our treatment of animals, we certainly can do much better.

And who better to teach that pigs are fun-loving, playful, endearing, have a wicked sense of humour and no interest in becoming bacon, than a pig. Edgar did this and so much more, most admirably on his sojourns to the local park. I will never forget the time I took him to Melbourne and on seeing a pig in a park on a lead, dozens of squealing schoolgirls descended from nowhere. I started sweating wildly – but for nothing – as Edgar cocked his head to the side and offered his famous raucous belly grunt, which caused his stomach to dance madly and take on a life of its own, which in turn caused the girls to squeal even more. However, amongst the squeals I heard words that will stay with me forever “oh my, I’ll never eat bacon again…”

Gosh, I have so many Edgar stories that always light up my face with a sentimental smile, like the day, sans our good fencing, Edgar decided to take himself for a leisurely walk down the road. My mum setting off to retrieve him armed with all the apparatus she needed to haul a 300 plus kilogram pig home – a bag of treats. Cherish I will forever the sight of two of the most significant persons in my life ambling serenely down the road together. Every few strides mum tossing a treat just a metre or so in front of Edgar, and he gently shuffling towards it, picking it up with his magnificent lips (yes, pigs do have the most magnificent lips, check them out next time you see a pig) and looking skyward he would savour its deliciousness like the connoisseur of cuisine pigs are. If my world were to end tomorrow, that’s the image I want to hold to.

Edgar packed so much into his short, joyous, seven year life, but sadly all good things must come to an end. It was on April  20th,  2016, that six years ago to the day, that he left me to carry on, his mission complete and mine just beginning, but guiding me all the while has been the most important lesson he ever taught me: the power of kindness. Oh, and that pigs cannot turn around in narrow passageways, however that story will have to wait for another day.

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30 thoughts on “A short, joyous life

  1. Edgar has taught all of us wonderful lessons: He would make a perfect teacher in our school! It’s a good thing we do not eat pigs!

  2. What a beautiful, touching story! Thanks for sharing.
    We went vegetarian after seeing a truck packed with thousands
    of chickens crammed into tiny cages, it broke our hearts. Our
    daughter had been urging us and that did it. We have not
    eaten animals in twelve years. We sponsored a wonderful , large
    pig named Luke for eight years. We visited him once a year at
    the Farm Sanctuary, and he actually remembered us. Morning Star
    makes a delicious faux bacon that is a LOT better for people too.
    I wish more people would at least donate to a farm sanctuary, they
    do such wonderful work for the animals.

  3. I love you guys! I look everyday for your email and it always makes me feel so good! I wish I could make a donation but am no longer able to work, putting any donations I want to make difficult but really wanted to let you know how much your work matters to me and the rest of the world! I wish I could somehow get to your place but the USA is a long ways away!! Lord bless you for all that you do for the animals!

  4. Thanks, now I’m crying after reading that story! I have clients to see this afternoon. I hope to visit Edgar’s Mission one day with my family. I’m sure my husband & 3yr old would love it too! Thanks for sharing your life with so many beings xxx

  5. I love to hear the stories about Edgar. I wish ALL people could SEE that animals give unconditional love, something we humans sometimes have trouble with. Keep smiling in Heaven Edgar.

  6. Thank goodness for people like yourselves. Do so wish I could get to visit – just not very mobile these days. Sad about Edgar but to have learned lessons from him will have been immensely valuable. Continue the good work. Kindest wishes,

  7. Your an amazing person to give these animals a second change. I truly believe you are awarded in so many ways by your beautiful lovely furry friends. You and your team are beautiful people. Arohanui.

  8. Our eyes always well up when we remember, as we always will, the animals who have been with us for all too short a time in our lives. We will never forget them and how much happiness they brought to us, as your dear Edgar has and will always continue to do for you, dear Pam. Keep telling us the tales about Edgar and all the other little people who are so lucky to share your life. We in turn are lucky to be part of your life too.

  9. What a wonderful legacy that Edgar has created. There is nothing better in life than sharing it with a friend,and we are so fortunate to receive love unconditionally from our animal companions.I know you will miss his company,,but his love is forever.

  10. I’m looking forward to coming to your Foundation Day later this month in May. Pity I won’t meet Edgar, but I’m looking forward to meeting all the lovely occupants of the Sancturary. Your e-mails on animal tales are most amusing and I am comforted by people like you that care so much for animals.

  11. I can’t begin to express how much I appreciate all you do and enjoy all the pictures and stories. Edgar must have been quite the fellow. It sure doesn’t take but a few seconds to fall in love with them, does it.
    I wish more than anything that I could come to visit and see you and all your little precious creatures.
    Bless you for all your love, energy, compassion, and common sense!

  12. I know what it’s like to loose a pet pig, she was a large white called Abby and was one of the piglets from the movie Babe. It broke our hearts

  13. I am always happy to receive your emails. So uplifting! Edger may you rest in peace. These wonderful creatures from God are with us only a short time, but the lessons and love they bring are with us forever.

  14. My heat crys and my soul weeps when ANY beautiful creature is harmed. Thank you dear sweet Edgar for being such a wonderful little angel! I love you all who care for these beautiful creatures; you are all angels on earth. thank you from the bottom of my soul

  15. RIP Edgar. You have a legacy that any human would be very proud of! Love to everyone at Edgar’s Mission and thank you so much for everything you do. You are educating people to become more compassionate, live more fulfilling lives as vegans, and care for those in need. You are true heroes! Through you and your work, Edgar’s memory will live on forever.

  16. Yes Pam, I know exactly how you feel, having lost my Oliver at four years young, despite a trip up to Qld for MRI and then liaising with human balance specialist here in Melb after he developed inner ear and balance problems………..not sure if I told you but will some day….the sadness is intolerable at the time but the lessons they teach us are profound and are with us forever,.. as they themselves are. I can see Edgar in my mind’s eye and I am kissing his beautiful snout and lips looking into his knowing eyes. Remember we will see them again and what a joyful day that will be. Marley is doing beautifully, such a sweet soul, enjoying her life. Thinking of you nearing Edgar’s anniversary. xxxx

  17. Pam, in my eyes you are half angel, half human. Only someone in complete touch with their own soul can understand animals like you do. Thanks for sharing Edgar’s stories. I do hope you will write a best seller book some day that will share all your experiences with the farm animals that had such an impact on your life.

  18. Oh Edgar! So much carries on in your name! Thank you Edgar for what you have taught and shared with us humans. Xxx

  19. If I could protect you from all brutality, and send you millions to help make paradise on Earth, I would! You are so deserving of everything good. Power on Pam, the world needs you.

  20. I have a picture of Edgar Allen Pig on my office wall at work and it always reminds me that when I don’t feel like I can make a difference – I actually can – and to just keep chipping away being a voice for animals. RIP Edgar! Heartfelt thank for all you do Pam

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