4 thoughts on “Foundation Day 2016

  1. Hello Pam, I drove nearly 4 hours to get to Foundation Day last weekend and it was worth every minute- even getting lost at the end!.Firstly the physical provision for the animals puts every sanctuary I have ever seen, to shame-certainly all the “great zoos” of the world. The animals had a very different energy at Edgars Mission; almost like a collective sigh of relief. So it did my “battle weary heart” good to be there. I have been overwhelmed with the ongoing cruelty to animals in Australia,( and the world) and Animals Australia, Edgars Mission and most recently the Animal Justice Party (Save- a-Dog Scheme and Wildlife Victoria also) all go some way to righting the emotional balance of this animal lover. You have achieved so much in such a comparatively short time, though for you, with the seeking of land, the moves, the rescues and the arguments with people who don’t understand, must have often seemed endless. I can tell you, from the experience of someone who has witnessed the pointy end of human struggle, that your achievements, your enormous heart, your gentle and kind energy goes a significant way to keeping those of us who abhor cruelty and see the gentle spirit of animals, optimistic that there are good people in the world, and that some animals at least have the lives they deserve. Foundation Day was memorable. Thank you.

  2. So sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate the fantastic achievements of Pam and her team on the 13th anniversary of the sensational Edgar’s Mission. Sending love to all the wonderful animals that enjoy the love and care of the human animals that look after them. May you thrive forever in their care. Pam, you are my hero. xxxx

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit Australia since graduating from the University of Wisconsin 45 years ago. Edgar’s Mission just might be the stimulus to finally send me there. Thank you for your kind hearts, and for loving these magnificent creatures, all of whom deserve and need your commitment and caring. I want to see first-hand the pigs and horses and cows and sheep and chickens, and the humans that care for this magical place. Thank you for committing yourselves to this blessed mission.

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