Bumping in to BUPA

BUPA Kyneton-17

Bumping into BUPA Kyneton last Tuesday were a cheeky little goat named Steady Eddie and a woolly sheep named Timmy. Tagging along for good measure were their human folk from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Lancefield.

While the affable Eddie was more interested in checking out people’s shoes and anything else remotely edible, the anything but sheepish Timmy enjoyed a good old back scratch.  There could be no doubt that the happy faces, busy hands and lively discussions, all provoked by the animals, confirmed what our hearts know – animals unite us, they calm us and make us feel good. And as Eddie and Timmy so poignantly confirmed, this is a two-way street. It goes to show that regardless of age or species we all welcome, need and cherish kindness.

BUPA Kyneton-15

Oh and a special and heart-warming note, check out the lady in the pink sweater and her friend in the turquoise twin set. These two, with their special friendship stole our hearts.

BUPA Kyneton-8  BUPA Kyneton-18   BUPA Kyneton-16 BUPA Kyneton-14 BUPA Kyneton-13 BUPA Kyneton-12 BUPA Kyneton-11 BUPA Kyneton-10 BUPA Kyneton-9  BUPA Kyneton-7 BUPA Kyneton-6 BUPA Kyneton-5 BUPA Kyneton-4 BUPA Kyneton-3 BUPA Kyneton-2 BUPA KynetonBUPA Kyneton-20BUPA Kyneton-19

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5 thoughts on “Bumping in to BUPA

  1. What amazing and beautiful ambassadors are Timmy and Steady Eddie! Wouldn’t it be great if all could experience the connection and companionship of animals :)

  2. The joy and comfort given to others by Pam and Edgar’s Mission is a wonderful and selfless gift bringing long lasting goodness for all.

  3. such an incredible connection between animals & humans – the joy is so clear on these peoples faces – you do an amazing job xx

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