Dixie Bell

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8 thoughts on “Dixie Bell

  1. It was indeed a miracle that brought these two dear ones together at such a time of need. Thank you all for the wonderful that you so lovingly continue to do.

  2. Tears, tears, tears…down my face. So happy that Dixie Bell has had 3 miracles: 1. Found 2. Edgar’s Mission 3. Surviving
    Brilliant that she then can be a mother to a lost little orphan with her own set of miracles

  3. Truly heart warming! thank you so much for sharing such beautiful stories with us.. and yes miracles do happen, as you have shown here..

  4. Wonderful true miracle!!

    Just in awe of the wonderful work you do at Edgar’s Mission.
    Wishing Dixie Bell and her new orphaned a wonderful life at your Santuary.
    Look forward to visiting your Sanctuary in 2017 to see in real life there is such a wonderful & beautiful place for farmed animals to have sanctuary in their lives.

  5. Another tear jerker. It was a real miracle that you brought these two beautiful creatures together and both there lives were saved. Sending xoxoxo to you all.

  6. Amidst the cruelty, coldness and callousness of much of the world towards most of our animals – stories like this one come to lift our spirits, to give us hope to believe there WILL be a better world for all animals. That these 2 beautiful animals came together when each needed the other so desperately, that they can now live out their lives together as mother and daughter, and do so in the loving, safe haven of Edgar’s Mission is truly a miracle. Bless you Pam and all at Edgar’s Mission!

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