Update on Connor

“We often think we’re saving these animals lives, but I honestly think they are saving ours.”

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6 thoughts on “Update on Connor

  1. I watched the first video of Conner and waited anxiously for another saying how he was doing. I checked for it every day and when I didn’t see it I thought, Well, he died and they just don;t want to spread the sad news. He was so horribly cold, distant and hopeless.
    I am overjoyed to see this update! You work absolute miracles there. Thank you so much for saving these precious lives. God Bless. <3

  2. Es wärmt das Herz , zu sehen, wie Sie, Pam, mit den Tieren umgehen. Und ich frage mich, warum so wenige Leute verstehen, dass die Tiere uns so ähnlich sind. Wir wollen doch auch Liebe.

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