Day 3 – Be Kind to Animals Week


Today we celebrate our amazing native animals who share our shores here in Australia. Did you know that Australia is home to more than 378 species of mammals, 828 species of birds, 300 species of lizards, 140 species of snakes and two species of crocodiles? So let’s celebrate them in all their furred, feathered and scaled form.

To find out more about Be Kind To Animals Week check out the website and make sure you show you care by changing your profile picture to the BKTAW logo.

Here we have 5 easy ways you can be kind to the amazing array of native animals who call Australia home (and yes you must do these 365 day a year, not just for a week ;-)).

  1. Please drive carefully. Not only could a collision with one of Australia’s unique animals put your own life at risk, the road takes a horrible toll on our beautiful kangaroos, wombats, birds and more.
  2. Look up your local and state wildlife network and save their numbers in your phone. And of course use the numbers if you spot an injured animal.
  3. Watch your waste. Use recyclable bags and reusable water bottles, never throw plastic rings in the bin without cutting them and compost your fruit and vegetable rubbish. In the market for a fancy new water bottle? We have just the thing –
  4. Why not support your local wildlife not-for-profit? You can give money to help them do what they do best, rescuing and rehabilitating animals, or give your time and volunteer with one of these amazing organisations.
  5. Sign Stand Up for Nature’s petition against Premier Mike Baird’s plans to water down NSW legislation meant to protects native wildlife from land developers –


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