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Whilst the racing industry might not care that tiny babies like little Custard will only ever know a few days with their birth mother, these lives matter to us here at Edgar’s Mission, and so too to our friends at Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary – Horse Rescue. Late last week we learned of the plight of little Custard, who was shortly to be separated from her mother so her mother could rear one ‘more highly prized’ in the industry’s eyes—a foal whose mother had sadly passed away. Seeing the tiny baby taken away from her mother and the frantic whinnies of Custard will haunt us forever, and spur us on to help create a kinder world for animals.


Horses come with a life time of care that can be for up to 30 years or more, and they are not for the inexperienced or financially challenged. The breeding of any animal is something that truly needs to be considered, this is especially so given the huge numbers of horses, cats, dogs, rabbits and more who sadly find themselves unwanted and unloved through no fault of their own. To anyone remotely considering bringing life into this world please remember this golden rule “you remain responsible forever for what you have tamed”. Please note this is not a witch hunt, just a simple reminder. Anyone involved in rescuing animals can tell you with honesty that good homes are hard to find, better ones even more so and animals will always remain at our mercy.


We sincerely thank Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary – Horse Rescue, who readily agreed to open their barn doors to Custard. Bless your kind hearts. Kissing the sweet little filly on her head one last time, the words “you matter to me” slipped from our lips.


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3 thoughts on “You matter to me …

  1. I think the old adage that my father used to say (or maybe it was his “creation”) DO UNTO OTHERS AS IF YOU WERE THE OTHERS! Although horse racing is a business, the plight of Custard is disgusting… those who “threw her away” should have the same done to them! What’s good for the goose, is good for the other goose! (I claim that one, not quite as profound
    as the one from my dad!) Thank goodness for the caring people who took her in…

  2. I’ll never forget the horrific abuse exposed by PETA of the horse-racing industry. Years ago, my brother, a photographer was offered a job at a race track. He quit after the first day. He said you wouldn’t believe how abusive the horse ‘trainers’ are. It made him sick to his stomach and very, very sad for the horses.

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