World Animal Day

Today, October 4th, is World Animal Day. Sit back and enjoy a special message from Australian World Animal Day Ambassador Pam Ahern.

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26 thoughts on “World Animal Day

  1. An amazing team there at Edgars Mission. You should be proud of all you have achieved, and of the awareness you bring of the plight of our feathered & furry friends

  2. If I could wave a wand to send every place in the world a person like you Pam, I would happily give my own life to do it. Thank you so very much for enriching the planet with your deeds and your messages. Happy WAD to all at EM!

  3. You bring happy tears to my eyes Pam.Thank you dearly to you and Kyle and Paula and all the rest of the wonderful team at Edgar’s Mission.Happy World Animal Day to all the animals around the universe.

  4. All the best go Edgsrs mission. I luv ALL animals. In our lil family, there is, 3 senior doggie’s. 2 Kitty’s. 2 ducks. They all get along together. Every animal has the rite to be, luved, n cared for.

  5. Congratulations Pam : for so much, for the message for today, and for all the work you and your staff do at Edgar’s Mission, for the love and care you seem to give to all the animals in your care, for your compassion, love, tenderness, caring, laughter, and most of all hope, together we WILL make a better world for all our precious animals, regards, Pammy Frangipani

  6. Hip Hooray for Pam and the wonderful gang (and residents, of course) and the work they do at Edgars Mission. Happy World Animal Day to ALL the creatures on this great planet of ours. I mostly think that I’d rather be surrounded by animals than people. I plan to retire to Victoria so that I can volunteer at Edgars Mission. Thanks again, everyone and have a great day.

  7. Hi Pam,
    It looks cold there, animals make me happy and relaxed and I can see in you and team, they do too. Something quite unusual to see are sheep running towards instead of away, which is what I am used to!
    Let’s hope more animals can run towards us in the future,
    Many thanks for being a voice and pair of hands, your rewards are many,

  8. You guys give me hope that we are all moving ahead to a better place for all beings!!
    Love the work that you do and let’s give thanks for people like you and your team. May your work grow and become a new way of living together.

  9. My dearest citizens and friends from haven on earth -Edgar’s mission I wish you all the best today and always. Many many success, happiness and joy.


    Hugs from my pack and me

  10. Huge thank you Pam and the gang for the wonderful work you do looking after all those beautiful animals and for giving them the happiness they deserve. Hopefully I will be able to visit you sometime in the near future. SHAME ON ALL THOSE THAT CONTINUE ABUSING, KILLING AND EATING ANIMALS. Love to all of you from the UK xxx

  11. What a lovely, inspiring message. We CAN change things, bit by bit we’re getting closer. Pam, I’m sure you’ve seen some things that you’d rather not have, but you manage to maintain that fabulous hope and can do attitude that rubs off on all of us! Thank you to all volunteers and followers and of course the divine residents – current and future! And especially big shout out to Vet Nurse Ruby. Her positive and beautiful nature is indeed is an inspiration too! xxx

    • Wonderful message Pam, greetings back to you and your team at Edgar’s Mission! Looking forward to meeting you this Sunday when you come to Eltham to speak to us at St Margaret’s Church and show the highlights of the work and play at EM.
      Everyone is welcome to come with their pet for a special Blessing starting at 10am, 81 Pitt Street Eltham!

  12. Dear precious Human Angel on Earth. Keep up the marvelous job
    you have been doing all these years.
    Be Happy specially because a great Spiritual Event is about to
    manifest and our corrupt social world gone forever.
    Blessings to you all. Namaste

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