Motley Crue

Motley Crue

Taking their lead from the American heavy metal band, a recently arrived mixed bag of ovines have managed to reinvent themselves.  Although unlike their namesake Tommy Lee, Samantha Maloney and Nikki Sixx are not known for their excessive brashness, wild parties or their impact on the world stage.  Rather their transformation has seen them morph from nameless animals one hoof step away from death to named and much loved family members.

Samantha Maloney, a fine wool merino, Tommy Lee, a cheeky dorper wether and Nikki Sixx a crossbred little ewe, form this most unlikely trio. But all are deeply bonded to one another.  We are so grateful to the kind heart who so readily opened their farmgate to adopt these buddies, welcoming the fact they recognise Samantha, Tommy Lee and Nikki as someones not somethings.

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