Tania, entwined now in love


Found by wildlife carers entwined in a wire fence was a tiny little lamb, barely hours old. The wire showed no remorse for wee lamb’s pristine white hind limb; mercilessly it gouged and wrapped itself 360 degrees around, and our race against time began to see if not only Tania’s leg but also her life could be saved. Freeing Tania from not only the fence but also farmlife by way of surrender, the wee baby was thrown the greatest lifeline she ever could as she was ferried to Edgar’s Mission.


Such a calamitous event burdening such a vulnerable young animal was a huge ask for any creature to endure. With no feeling in the lower limb, it would be up to an intensive course of laser therapy, kindness and Tania’s will to determine if functionality could ever be restored. But little did we know that beneath her sweet demure lay one determined little lamb, lured on by the promise of a life truly worth gambolling for. Laying so patiently in the arms of her saviours as the daily therapy sessions were carried out, we could not help but see her become more entwined in our hearts. Such is the power of animals, for once you open your heart and mind to their being, you enter a world where kindness and love are not dependent upon species.


It is at times like these that we sincerely thank each and every loyal donor of Edgar’s Mission, for without your support and belief in our work, we would never be able to visit our kindness on forgotten little babies like Tania.  Whilst you mean the world to us, you make the world possible for them.

Tania   Tania  Tania

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6 thoughts on “Tania, entwined now in love

  1. I am not sure who the devoted Edgar’s Mission worker is with the black beanie on, but you always have a contagious wonderful smile.

  2. Edgar’s mission, saved a dear baby lamb’s life.
    How wonderful these people are. What would become of the animals if it wasn’t for Pam and all staff and helpers.
    Devoted to caring for animals in distress. They are worth their weight in gold. ❤️❤️

  3. We feel love, admiration and awe for so much determination of your caretakers at Edgar’s Mission! Thank you for your love for this little lamb!!!

  4. Was just wondering how Tania is getting on as she popped up in my FB timeline On This Day. Having the same name as me she has a special place in my heart.

    Manchester, UK

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