When Leon met Tamara…

Tamra Kenneally

When Leon Trotsky, our very social pig and 2015 Be Kind To Animals Week Ambassador met stellar photographer, animal advocate and all round nice gal, Tamara Kenneally from Tamara Kenneally Photography recently the baton or in this case carrot was passed over as Tamara took the reins of 2016 Be Kind To Animals Week ambassador.  We sincerely thank Tamara for accepting this role and all her amazing work for animals, bringing them out of the darkness with her lens of kindness and into the hearts and minds of many.

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One thought on “When Leon met Tamara…

  1. Tamara Kenneally is an inspired choice for Ambassador of Be Kind To Animals Week! She takes amazing, thought provoking photos of ‘farmed’ animals and also runs Lefty’s Place – a refuge for rescued ‘farmed’ animals – she is an amazingly compassionate person!

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