Where Are They Now – Addington, Blueberry, Tutti Fruti and Apple Blossom

Every month we shine the spotlight on a family who have chosen to bring new faces into their homes and hearts and adopt one or a few rescued animals. Read on to see how Addington, Blueberry, Tutti Fruti and Apple Blossom are going in their new forever home.

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“For some time we’d thought about adding sheep to the madness which is our family of six humans and a Cavoodle named Max.  When the opportunity came up to offer forever homes to rescue lambs from Edgars Mission, the decision was made for us.

From the moment they arrived, Addington, Irena (Irena Sendler), Rosie (Rosa Franklin) and Benedict, adapted as though they had always been here.  Friendly and social, they spent the first weeks close to the house so we could keep an eye on them.  Now they’re happy in their paddock during the day but still come when called for a daily cuddle and treat.  If I’m missing Miss 4 or Max the dog, I know where to find them!

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We’d been out one day and they didn’t come to the fence to greet us as normal.  We couldn’t find them in the paddock so frantically searched the rest of the property.  We needn’t have worried.  They were very happy hanging out on the porch at the back door!  I had no idea what characters sheep are, nor that they would have such distinct and very different personalities.

We are grateful to Edgar’s Mission for the wonderful work they do and for the opportunity to have these ‘sheeple’ in our world.  xx”

 Where Are They Now

If you also have the love, commitment, space and more to welcome new animal family members into your world, please take a look at our adoption page.

Footnote to this story:Addington, Irena (Irena Sendler), Rosie (Rosa Franklin) and Benedict were previously knows to us at Edgar’s Mission as Addington, Blueberry, Tutti Fruti and Apple Blossom

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5 thoughts on “Where Are They Now – Addington, Blueberry, Tutti Fruti and Apple Blossom

  1. I really love hearing about the new homes for Edgar’s Mission residents. It means these animals have a wonderful forever home and Edgar’s Mission have space available to be able to take in more ‘desperately in need’ animals. These 4 sheepies look like they have landed into a wonderful family and have a lovely, happy life. Thank you for taking these babies into your home and heart!

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