Be Kind To Animals Week – Day 7

Photo: Andrea White 

Imagine if a truck carrying around 180 dogs tipped over and many were injured. A host of people came to help, in particular a dog rescue offered to take the injured dogs and care for them. The people from the dog rescue watched this one particular dog, who they could see was obviously frightened and in pain laying on her side, unable to stand. Then they watched as another dog came to her side and comforted her. But the people responsible for the dogs, rather than accept the rescue’s offer, instead let the dogs suffer for hours by the road and then killed them where they lay. Now imagine these were monkeys, or horses or cute fluffy cats.

But they weren’t dogs, or horses or cute cats – they were pigs. The kind people from the rescue group Happily Ever Esther watched on as a female pig, who had never had the opportunity to know kindness, was deprived of her one chance of a happy long life. Pigs, like every other animal, are thinking and feeling beings who desperately want to live, but the sad reality is they are often treated with apathy or worse. 

So for the last day of Be Kind To Animals week, we want to pay tribute to the beautiful female pig who never knew kindness and to her friend who comforted her. Their plight was heart wrenching and an all too stark reminder that every animal, be they dog or pig, is vulnerable and deserving of our kindness. And we must ask ourselves: “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others… why wouldn’t we?”

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2 thoughts on “Be Kind To Animals Week – Day 7

  1. I know and love the organization Happily Ever Esther, which isn’t too far from my home. The people running it are very kind and loving and compassionate, just like all of you are. This story broke my heart in a million pieces. It would have cost nothing to extend a little kindness in this case. Nothing. And yet, the people responsible for these animals chose to be ruthless and heartless instead. I cannot stand it. Just thinking about it makes me ill.

    • Martha – I hope you question “Happily Ever Esther” as to why they ignored the 2 pigs in need and then shot them. Hopefully,
      this will affect future donations to their organization. As an animal lover and animal activist, I find their lack of caring reprehensible!

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