Update on Makamae


For four sickly kittens and their abandoned mother, Christmas came early on the 10th of December 2014, when they were rescued by Edgar’s Mission.  Sadly, it is suspected that the poor nutrition afforded the stray mother cat had played out in her babies as all were afflicted with the debilitating condition of eyelid agenesis. This condition, where the eyelid fails to properly form leads to irritation and damage of the sensitive cornea, untreated and unchecked as it was the sight of the wee babies was greatly compromised. It was a miracle they could see anything at all. But with no barriers to our kindness for animals in need and aided by the expert care of the good folk at Malvern Animal Eye Care, all kittens received treatment and underwent corrective surgery.  Most recently the sweet little Makamae had her last procedure, reconstructive surgery on her left upper eyelid, of which she is recovering well.


We greatly appreciate the support of Malvern Animal Eye Care for offering not only Edgar’s Mission, but countless other rescue groups, heavily discounted rates because we can see clearly these really are the good guys when it comes to looking after animals.

MakamaeMakamae Makamae Makamae

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