New Residents – April

Big Ears – a tiny, fluffy, yellow duckling, we suspect a Pekin.  Not more than a week or so old, Big Ears was found wandering along Bell Street, Preston, quacking out directions for Edgar’s Mission.  While we are unsure how the little mite found her way into such a dangerous predicament we do know that there exists goodness in the human heart.  This was evidenced by the Good Samaritan who took the hapless duckling to the local veterinary clinic.  So who you ‘gunna‘ call when you find a duckling in need?….’Yep‘, luckily we were in Melbourne at the time, made a slight detour and Big Ears was Edgar’s Mission bound.

Chippy-Chippy takes her name from the profession of the boyfriend of her one time foster carer, Isabella Marks.  Chippy had been handed into an animal shelter and due to her tender age she was in much need of specialist care.  On hearing of Chippy’s plight and with the knowledge that one of the most important things in a duckling’s life is another duckling, we determined a special friendship was in order.  So back to Melbourne to collect Chippy, but to our surprise Chippy was much bigger than we had anticipated, none the less our heart and home was still open for Chippy but maybe not Big Ears enclosure.  Tiny baby ducklings like Big Ears are very precious and can be harmed by overly excited older ducks and ducklings such as Chippy.  Chippy, we suspect, is just over one month old.  Ducklings at this age start to lose their fluffy down replacing this with white waterproof and insulating feathers.  We thank Isabella for all the tender loving care she showered upon Chippy.

Nancy Wake – While Nancy Wake, the heroine of the war time era, was also known as the little White Mouse, our little mouse is yellow and not a mouse at all but yet another baby duckling!  However, at just a few days old she peeps just like a little mouse.  Poor Nancy Wake was actually given as a birthday gift to a rather unkind soul who promptly surrendered the tiny creature to a Melbourne animal shelter.  The word had obviously hit the street that if you are a baby duckling in need of new digs Edgar’s Mission is the place to be!  Big Ears now has a new friend to share her heat lamp and duckling chow with.  Baby ducklings of this age are most vulnerable. Without the love and warmth of a mother duck they can quickly succumb to hypothermia.  Nancy Wake and Big Ears have so much fun together; their personal favourite treats are lettuce and watermelon!  But a warning, if you do come to see them, cuteness alert big time!!!

Donna – You guessed it is another duck.  Donna is a much loved white muscovy female whose lifetime partner had sadly passed away.  The lonely Donna is about seven years old and has taken an instant shine to young Chippy!  The two are now firm friends and have really been just what the doctor ordered for both.  Chippy was rather weak on her legs upon arrival and this was causing us great concern as she was showing a reluctance to walk and sitting often.  Donna was rather despondent and looking for a reason to live as her world had been turned upside down.  Ducks are very loyal and loving creatures and do mourn the passing of their buddies.  Chippy has given Donna a reason to live and Donna has given Chippy a reason to explore her world, and both lives are richer for this.

Alexander the Great – While Alexander the Great, the Greek King, created one of the largest empires of the ancient world and was considered one of the greatest military geniuses of all time being undefeated in battle, our Alexander the Great is a broiler rooster and his greatest battle will be staying alive.  At around six months of age Alexander rooster tops the scales at a little over 7kg and we love him dearly.  Alexander the Great rooster is sweet, friendly and no trouble at all.  Sadly, his crowing was unwelcomed by neighbours at his previous home necessitating a new abode.  It is truly difficult to find the words to describe the heartache I feel for Alexander. He enjoys the sunshine and pats, walks in the grass, looking for grubs and just being alive and I know all this will soon come to an end when his not so little body says no more.  A tragedy of human design is Alexander and it should shame us all.  But until that fateful day, I will do my utmost to ensure Alexander has plenty of reasons to live, love and lie about in the sunshine.  Alexander knows his name, comes chatting away when you call him and even puts himself away into a little kennel at night time.  A truly lovely bird.

Sanchez and Merlin-are two adorable goats who were made redundant at an animal shelter where they had lived for many years.  Until recent times the two buddies had made themselves useful by keeping the shelter lawns trim however a change in management said goats out, mowers in.  And so the two lads found themselves in urgent need of a new place to call home.  The white Sanchez ‘s long horns give him a regal look and he is the taller and more confident goat, while the sweet polled (no horns) Merlin is brown with lovely little black knee-high stockings and somewhat on the reserved side.

Meet Melvin – Left for dead in a ditch by the side of the road amongst the dead bodies of his companions, little Melvin somehow found the will to survive.  But he couldn’t do it alone.  By some divine intervention a council roadside worker came upon the grizzly scene along the little used road and both lives would change for the better.  Shaking his head in disbelief he caught sight of what he thought was something moving.  Taking a second look, nothing did move, but just as his heavy heart told him to move on a tiny ‘baa’ pierced his soul and he saw the young wether.  “I couldn’t leave the little blighter there could I?” he would later tell.  A severely underweight and recently shorn merino, with infected sores from where he lay, was the lamb that would be named Melvin.  The only movement the poor little chap could muster was to lift his head.  It took the love, kindness and innovation of the worker and his wife to get Melvin on the road to recovery.  Quickly fashioning a sling to keep the resilient Melvin upright would prove livesaving as sheep left on their sides for too long will succumb to bloat, a condition which results in difficulty breathing and often death…. Read More

Brenda and Jacqui – Meet Brenda and Jacqui, two very lucky rabbits, and here is their story. The imminent closure of a factory farmed meat rabbit facility in Southern Tasmania spelled reprieve for 300 lucky bunnies, of which Brenda and Jacqui are just two. Securing their safety was the Tasmanian based animal sanctuary Big Ears who have worked tirelessly along with Victorian organisations, Freedom for Farmed Rabbits and Radical Rabbit to bring about the best animal welfare outcomes for the hapless New Zealand White rabbits. Sadly several rabbits were in such a poor state of health upon their rescue the only humane thing to do was to help them peacefully pass from this world – a passing that is never afforded a factory farmed rabbit… Read More

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