A Christmas Carol to dream of

Cold, alone and in a barren place a bewildered sow gave birth to seven tiny piglets. In such an inhospitable of circumstance, it would be a miracle if any would survive and by daybreak only three had. As our rescue team set off a straw filled stable was readied for their arrival. Gentle yet scared, the new mum anxiously followed the crate into which we had placed her surviving babies. Safely ensconced in our float, we were Edgar’s Mission bound but not before the not-so-fortunate ones too were gathered up for burial at the sanctuary, it was the only kindness we could now offer them.

In the true spirit of Christmas, we have christened her Carol and promised her we will do everything in our power to help her and her wee babies thrive, and to make all of their dreams come true. We could not help but wonder looking into her intelligent eyes of what made her determine her escape from the farm in which she had been held? Perhaps it was the thought of her soon-to-be born babies being taken away from her as all her previous ones had, perhaps she dreamed something better lay ahead.

If you too share our belief that a better world lies ahead for all pigs, please leave them off your plate. Donate to our Medical Fighting Fund to help ensure hapless farmed animals like Carol and her babies can have a life truly worth living and share this incredible story of one pig who dared to dream.

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24 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol to dream of

  1. Such a beautiful story, especially this time of year. Just made a donation because you do such amazing things for these animals. Happy Holidays!

  2. Smiling and sad. Pam and the crew at Edgars Mission are wonderful. This beautiful sow and her cute little children will live in their forever home, happy and free from the afflictions of farmlife.
    Christmas Carol. What a fitting name. I can’t wait to find out what names her 3 babies receive. RIP to the 4 babies who did not survive the journey.
    Love you all.

    • You are amazing Edgar’s Mission for all the wonderful work you do to help save all these beautiful creatures that were made and put on this earth that mankind has taken upon himself to so cruelly abuse and neglect at his own will because he can. Thank you so much for caring and accommodating these wonderful, loving animals.

  3. Pam – we are so very blessed to have you in this world. Not only for the incredible difference you make to the lives of so many animals, but also because you share these amazing heart breaking and heart warming stories and educate so many people to the fact that ALL animals are someone and they are friends – NOT food! In honour of Pam and Edgar’s Mission – please go vegan – you will never, ever regret it!
    Ps Rest in peace the four dear little ones who so sadly did not live long enough to get to the love and safety of Edgar’s Mission.

  4. 1977 Biology class. We were asked to dissect piglets the size of these in your story. I refused. One month later, my family was to visit my grandmom who always served ham for Christmas dinner. I did not eat my grandmom’s ham. I never ate it again.

    Vegan in Florida

  5. What a beautiful story to brighten our Christmas. So happy for Carol and her babies, she lay down and looked so relieved! Thank you for everything you to for the animals.

  6. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for rescuing the beautiful Carol and her little piglets. May the 4 who didn’t make it be resting in peace and their legacy be carried on in the 3 who are now starting their new journey in life in their peaceful sanctuary at Edgars Mission, thank you so much to Pam and your wonderful workers

  7. What an absolutely adorable story. The way they all started chatting to each other when reunited in the stall shows how intelligent these creatures are! I’m sure I heard Carol say “come on babies we’re safe now” and indeed they always will be safe and loved at Edgar’s Mission :)

  8. Happy Tears!!! This melts my heart. Thank you Edgar’s Mission for saving these precious lives. God bless you & all God’s magnificent creatures


  10. Heart sore for the babes who did not make it. But so touched by Carol’s immediate care and concern for her three little ones. God bless you all for bringing these lovely beings to safety, and a life free from fear and suffering! You are my heroes and heroines !

  11. Tears of joy watching this beautiful story and sadness for those that didn’t survive. Thanks Edgar’s for your kindness and sanctuary for these creatures. This is the best gift for Christmas and at any time during the year. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas :)

  12. Why do I always end up crying when I watch the beautiful videos you put up for us ? Usually because of the happy endings that play out when the darling animals get into your loving care Pam.Thank you a million times.

  13. Beautiful story Pam and team there, such a perfect ending to that
    Awful life that Carol must have endured for some time.
    Bless you all and may the piggy family thrive in your loving home.
    RIP for the other little onesxxx

  14. This is one of the best things I have seen. Anyone who doubts the feelings and intelligence of pigs should watch this video. The trust Carol shows for human beings – a species that had previously caused her such heartache, is surely an example for us all. Her interaction with her babies, coaxing them out of the box into their new home, and then gently laying down to feed. What a wonderful mother she will be, and this time she will have the joy of seeing her babies grow. A truly special thing. Thank you Edgar’s Mission for saving these beautiful animals.

  15. how cannot be tears of joy, graitude and the hope that eventually all animals will be free of the riisk of ending up on a plate – you are doing such fantastic worl thank you all

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