Cutest Moments of 2016

Happy New Year! And what an amazing year it’s been – we’ve achieved so much. We’ve been challenged by unprecedented medical emergencies, like that for little Harry Lamb, seen four of our beautiful residents reach the sky in our first billboard campaign and been moved by the display of love between Carol and her piglets. But it’s you that made all this and more possible, we simply couldn’t do what we do without your support.

As a thank you we’ve put together a selection of some of our favourite cute moments of 2016. We know you’re going to love it!

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24 thoughts on “Cutest Moments of 2016

  1. Absolutely beautiful. What great work you do at Edgar’s Mission.
    Thank you for sending my Christmas cards so promptly too, I got them posted just in time for Christmas.
    May you all have a Happy and Rewarding New Year.

  2. Happy New Year to all! So many wonderful moments! A lovely way to begin the year. Thanks for everything you do at Edgar’s Mission!

  3. What a beautiful video . Well done on the great work you all do. Happy New Year and I look forward to supporting you through 2017!

  4. Happy New Year to you all. You make this world a better place. Kindness and love conquers all hoping to visit this year.

  5. What a great video for the start of 2017, I love Edgars Mission the people, the animals, the love XXX You always put a smile on my dial. Thank You & bless you all

  6. They are indeed the cutest! Thanks Edgar’s for sharing and providing the opportunity to contribute and help these beautiful creatures. What a privilege Many wishes for a happy 2017

  7. Words can’t express what you and your work mean to me. I’m now a vegan! And am determined to come visit you all some day, (from the US)! Bless you a thousand times over, especially in this New Year.

  8. What a wonderful video of the happy animals at Edgar’s Mission, and the love you have for them all. May 2017 be another fulfilling, safe and successful year for you all. Thank you for your hard work and love. It is so inspiring.

  9. Can’t wait to visit your farm. We have booked in. You are an inspiration and I constantly cry with joy after watching your video clips, along with complete despair with how some humans treat their animals.

  10. Hi Pam, I guess you’ve realised by now by all those followers you have, that you are creating a better world for animals by living by example. The people who come to your site, many who used to eat animals, must get cognitive dissonance when they realise these are the same animals they have on their plate and being led by your example, become vegetarians/vegans. So just for that alone, you should be and are revered by many. Thank you for showing Australians and the world that they can be better people and to keep voicing and signing petitions against live export and bad factory farming practices. Happy 2017 to you all

  11. Just would like to see Tigga’s, my buddy, in one of your posts or videos. It’s OK if it’s in a group of chickens. Thank you for all you do. Also if I missed a shot feel free to tell me the date, etc.

  12. Love the video my heart goes out to all those precious animals. And so lucky we have you all to care for them. I* wish you all the very best for 2017, thanks again for the love and care you show.

  13. What a beautiful video!!!
    Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year and may God shower His Blessings on you Pam and all at Edgar’s Mission.
    Melrose xo

  14. Gorgeous video Pam! I wish you and all at the Mission a safe and healthy 2017….that includes every single resident too of course. Just hope things go smoothly for you, and I will be donating more soon as I am expecting a very small ‘windfall’. Don’t know when exactly, but you are my Go-to animal shelter.
    Cheers from Tassie
    PS: i put many of my FB friends onto the site :)

  15. Hi Pam, absolutely loved the video. Thank you for all you do – it is just wonderful to see. Happy 2017 to you, all of your team, and of course all your little animal people, I truly do not know how you do it, having given so much of your life to EM. You have probably told your story before, and I do know you decided to make this your life’s mission, but how about telling your story again for those who don’t know. You write so beautifully!!! Love you.

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