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Hope - Animals with us

Each and every animal comes into this world with the same determination to live and seeks a happy life. As individuals they have no understanding of why humans would want to hurt them, and if they could it would surely give them no solace.

No matter how we try to justify our treatment of the gentle and vulnerable animals who are used by food and fibre industries, it can never be said that it’s in the interests of the animals themselves. Sadly, pigs just like Hope are denied everything that would give their lives meaning. Most are deprived of space, comfort, clean air and enrichment. And heartbreakingly, many only see the sun on their last days as they’re loaded and transported to slaughter.

When you take a step back and consider who farmed animals are, and really see them, it becomes clear that every one is deserving of our respect and every kindness.

You can learn more about Hope and support our lifesaving work by becoming a Best Buddy here.

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2 thoughts on “Here with us

  1. I loved your intro. line: “Animals are here with us and not for us”. I plan to have this put on my next summer T-shirt!!!
    Bless you all for the amazing work you do every day in bringing hope to animals, and to those of us whose heart breaks a little more every time we hear another account of abuse and exploitation of these gentle beings.

  2. Every animal should experience love & kindness and all the things we take for granted such as freedom & safety from harm – my wish for all animals

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