Bertie and Gertie (Updated)

13th March 2017

“They are both full of lice, but soon they are going to be full of love.”

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6pm update:

14th March 2017

12pm Update:

Go Gertie, go!!!!


While the ravages of old age have robbed dear Gertie of her teeth, they have failed to take away her will to live. This morning we learn from the Vet Practice in Whittlesea that dear Gertie has made it through the night. Still hanging in there and even tucking into more of the special goat mix we have made for her, she too is looking much brighter than the forlorn gal battling fly-strike we rescued less than 24 hours ago.

Sadly, we have learned that the sight of her left eye has been compromised by the injury and we are still to coming to terms with the full extent of the damage caused by the combined effects of the attack, subsequent infections and fly-strike. We take great comfort in knowing everything that is humanly possible is being done for Gertie, and indeed she is one tough nanny goat.

6pm Update:

We love you Bertie (and Gertie)

While Bertie is slowly conceding we may well be the good guys, after all we come bearing treats and kindness, Gertie remains in intensive care at the vets.  Although Bertie appears lost.  His world turned upside down and his companion no longer here.  We will never forget his chivalrous return to the spot from which we took Gertie into the kindness van.  Full of fear, yet full of love.  Our greatest hope now is that Gertie will be strong enough to return home to her beloved.

15th March 2017

The reunion we have all been waiting for! Welcome home Gertie!

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8 thoughts on “Bertie and Gertie (Updated)

  1. Such two wonderful souls. I hate to think of the suffering they have experienced. Please they pull through to know a loving life. THANK YOU

  2. Thoughts and healing are with both these beautiful creatures. They are indeed fortunate to land at Edgar’s. Thanks for what you do every day for animals :)

  3. Thank you Pam and all your Edgar’s Mission heros for saving Bertie and Gertie. Praying for Gertie to pull through. They will know love and safety for their golden years

  4. I just logged on today to see how these two BOYS are going. So very pleased to see that they are now back together again and both looking so much better, although still a little skittish around people I believe they will come to know good times again. Can’t thank you all enough for the wonderful care you have taken of them. You so often make my day, and give me so much hope that there will one day be better times for all animals.

  5. Thank God for you dear Pam and all the loving work you and your volunteers do for the special souls brought to Edgar’s.

    I’m glad you know accept donations as quite some time ago this was not the case.

    Thank you for your lovely email.

    I like to be a little anonymous, hence the different name.

    Best regards to you!

  6. Tears again ,as I see that Gertie has returned to his love.This time with gratitude. I was there when Bertie arrived ,remember ,and could see how matted and dirty he was. They both look great now. Long may they enjoy their lives with you guys, surrounded by your care and love.
    Thank you.Cheers to Kyle and you Pam.

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