Little Girl Pink


A call from our friends at the RSPCA in Castlemaine to assist with an orphan lamb saw us presented with one of the saddest babies we have ever met. Even her pretty pink jacket, warm bottle and a cute as a button new friend in Little Boy Blue could not stop this wee lamb crying. Desperate were her pleas for the one thing we could never give her: her mother. Hearing the frantic bleats, and seeing her desperate pacing left no doubt in our minds that lambs form the strongest bonds with their mothers, something circumstance cannot break. One of our most heart-breaking of days was the first day with Little Girl Pink, as she cried and cried and then cried some more for the mother she would never see again. No amount of sweet milk formula nor cuddles was going to cut it for her. As the days slowly rolled on, Little Girl Pink came to terms with her situation, a stoic resolve guiding her through.


Oh, how we hate winter, not for her bitter winds and driving rain (we have jackets, shelters and heaters for those), no, it is the number of orphan lambs who find themselves in often the most hopeless of situation, landing at the mercy of a kind heart. We truly thank those who support the work of Edgar’s Mission, without your belief in our work, lambs such as Little Girl Pink would have the bleakest of futures.

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One thought on “Little Girl Pink

  1. A sad beginning but a bright future. Even though her mum has passed I’m sure Edgar’s will provide all the motherly love and care she needs :)

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