Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day we celebrate mothers, in all their glorious shapes and species, and thank them for making the world a kinder and safer place for those they love.

We’d like to dedicate Meghan’s uplifting rescue story to mothers everywhere, may your babies stay safe and sound.

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17 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Thanks Edgar’s for being able to reunite babies and mum, and providing this family with a safe loving home. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story, it warms the heart :)

  2. That video was so touching and the perfect present for a mother’s day. Thank you for including me in this wonderful experience. May all the animals find love and caring. Keep up your wonderful work.
    Desley, Lucky and Charlie (dogs) Tigger (cat) and Andrea, Pierre and Pedro ( brushtail possums in care)

  3. Beautiful, words can’t describe what a blessing Edgar’s Mission is to these gorgeous animals! All mothers deserve their babies to be with them always, regardless of specie!

  4. Thank you Pam, what a beautiful story , they are so lucky to have you and your fabulous team come to their rescue. It could have been such a different outcome. I send my love to you and everyone at Edgar’s Mission on Mother’s Day and every day, may you keep on keeping on.

  5. There are some beautiful people out there, the man who found them and cared to bring them to you, the ones who found Mum, and all Edgar’s Mission who, with love and compassion, give these lovely animals a chance for a good and peaceful life. It’s all anyone would ask for themselves. Thank you so much Pam and Edgar’s crew. We love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. i just can’t understand how people can eat lamb? its heartbreaking to me. Eventhough any meat is a no no for me… why can’t everyday meat eaters see that lamb is exactly those little babies? Heartless. Thank you Pam for saving this little family. x

  7. Bless that man who found these two darlings and brought them to safety, warmth and a new lovely life. And to the wonderful reunion with their mummy! It’s good to know that good things do happen! Thank you Edgar’s Mission and the unstoppable, wonderful Pam! From all of us who have a heart, xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. For me this story lifted my heart ❤️As we witness so much cruelty towards animals and at times my cup is well and truly empty
    Watching stories such as this one definitely is a good top up.
    Thank you☺️

  9. I’m so happy that these beautiful babies were reunited with their Mum…so special! It makes me sad to think of all the animals in the food industry who aren’t so lucky.

    I feel so grateful for places like Edgar’s Mission because they are making a difference and the word is spreading far and wide. I pray for a world where slaughterhouses no longer exist.

    Keep up the great work!

  10. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. If only everybody would realise and recognise that the bond between animal Mum’s and their babies is every bit as strong as it is for humans. How dare we ignore their pain, heartbreak and agony, over and over and over again? Animals are NOT food; there are so very many alternatives and all of them are healthier than the animal original!

  11. Bless you all for saving these precious babies and reuniting them with their mum.
    Especially to the guy who saved the babies.
    If only all animals worldwide could be shown love and compassion
    as these precious babies and their mum were shown, instead of the greedy human species heartless and callous sadism and evilness.

  12. Bless the construction guy, the ranger and all at EM. You are all sooo special!!! Thank you for your tremendous work. I am so happy this beautiful trio have a loving new home at Edgar’s Mission. Animals mean everything to me too :)

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