When Saturday was born she looked just as any little lamb should, but when she tried to move things went decidedly pear-shaped. The sweet little Suffolk ewe could barely manage more than a few steps before falling down, making her human carers question how they could provide her with a good life. As determined as Saturday was to live, so too were they driven to find her a place where she could get the care she needed – and that’s when they found Edgar’s Mission.

After some thorough veterinary examinations it became apparent that Saturday wasn’t suffering from any external toxins but was born with congenital spasticity, meaning her hind limbs don’t work in sync with the messages sent from her brain. Putting on our thinking caps, the challenge was on to find a way to give Saturday a life truly worth living – one where she could explore and graze, to do all the things that would give her life meaning.

After much deliberation, the input of an amazing group of volunteers and the team at Aquapaws, the solution became clear. Saturday was fitted with her own cart, giving her the freedom to venture out into the lush green pastures she so satisfyingly devours.

Saturday’s love of life, as with all farmed animals, cannot be dampened by any label we humans choose to place on her – she is an individual being and this world is one she greatly wants to be a part of. Her steely resolve to never give up and her happy-go-lucky way inspire us each and every day, so for that we say: thank you Saturday.

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12 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Pam, you speak of your undying admiration for Saturday. I think a lot of people would share that sentiment about you and your wonderful team of volunteers. Another tale of selfless love and respect. Kudos to you all.

  2. Such a beautiful story, it had me in tears to see Saturday living an amazing life and receiving the love and special care that she needs and deserves. I had the pleasure of spending time with Saturday during the Saturday lamb shifts while volunteering at Edgar’s Mission a few years ago. The pleasure of seeing her move around and do the things she wants and loves to do like explore and eat grass was and still is amazing. Thank you so much for all that you do and I hope that one day I can come back and be a part of the amazing place called Edgar’s Mission.

  3. Last Monday I found a ewe in the water trough upside down, her head under water and only her front legs visible frantically waving in the air she was dying,i quickly pulled her out by her front legs, her eyes had rolled back in her head, she was comatose I cleared her airways and gave her resusication,a lot of water poured out her nose, I had to compress her rib cage and activate her heart into action, luckily I saved her life, she was sodden so wet with FULL FLEECE STILL ON HER not having been clipped all summer in that awful heat. I stayed with her for over 2 hours to make sure she was ok.I put hayout for her to eat and keep warm under a sideless shelter, luckily she avoided pneumonia her birth Mother was worried for her and rushed over to nuzzle her, by the way the sheep I saved was two yrs old. poor girl would have been dead had I not found her I had gone down to give my stallion more hay. Im so pleased I saved her life she gazed at me for sometime after .


  4. I cried watching Saturday’s story, but they weren’t tears of sadness rather of joy. Thank you to everyone at Edgar’s Mission for all the wonderful work you do with these precious animals. Hugs and kisses to Saturday xx

  5. Saturday’s resolve is inspiring. She reminds us of how fortunate we are. A beautiful girl and a beautiful story. Thanks Edgar’s for giving her an opportunity for a wonderful life :)

  6. I am so glad Saturday is able to live a happy life at such a wonderful place!! Also I am glad Valerie Sumner saved her ewe from drowning. The world is a better place with carers like Valerie and Edgars mission. And I am a happier person knowing that are true animal lovers out there.

  7. Wonderful story Pam and all your fantastic helpers. I wish I could be there to help. Keep on keeping on with your work. I send all my love and best wishes to you. Always.

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