A single act of kindness


A couple of weeks back, on a cold and bitter day, an abandoned ewe, who had been inhabiting the grassy verge of a train line, gave birth to not one but two tiny lambs on the train tracks. The terrified and confused mother, quickly fleeing, urging her babies to do so also. Yet young and weak, they could not. On seeing this happen, our brave heart knew that with the busy morning express train shortly to hurtle down that very line as it did at the same time every day, the wee lambs would surely be killed. Thinking swiftly with his feet and his heart, his single act of kindness spared the two baby lambs. With their condition critical and no colostrum in their system, time was of the essence if there was to be any chance of saving the lambs. Not long thereafter, the baby lambs were in our care as we set about a plan to return the next day and, aided by daylight and a deft team of kind crusaders, attempt to catch the terrified ewe. Although, to be honest, we doubted our chances, as we pondered whatever had happened to her to cause such fear in her heart.


But the universe had other plans, as some hours later and miraculously with only the remotest of odds in their favour, a quick-thinking ranger managed to get a catch-pole on a leg of the fast-moving ewe as she sprinted past. There can be no doubt that his single act of courage and kindness (and a good dose of serendipity) saved the mother sheep. With several hours, colostrum and human hands now separating mother and babies, we wondered if she would even consider accepting her lambs. But we had little to fear. Once she saw and heard her babies amongst our nursery of other lambs, she knew exactly what she had to do. And it brought tears to our eyes and joy to our souls to witness this. The only thing that now was wanting for this little family were names, so that too was quickly addressed. Meghan for dear mum, so named after our team member who unflinchingly set off late into the night to collect the ewe. And for her sweet babies we could not go past honouring the Good Samaritan who stepped in to save them: Brad. So it is Brad for the cheeky boy and Branda for the way-too-cute little girl.


Over and over, it is single acts of kindness, such as this, that have the ability to change the world for animals. But it doesn’t stop there, for the instigators of these acts too cannot help but be impacted by their actions. Kindness makes us feel good, and has even been shown to make hearts physically healthy as well as slowing the ageing process and improving relationships—and above all else, it is contagious!

So, what are you waiting for? From this point forward, please ensure your day is filled with kindness for others; they and you will be the better for it. Just ask Meghan (if she ever slows down, which she will—after all, you cannot outrun kindness :) ).

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