Martha loves Mandii


‘tis a fact, the aged ewe, Martha, loves her tiny baby, Mandii—in fact, she is besotted with her. All the while either nickering to her or gently nuzzling her side, this is truly love in its purest of forms. Despite the now-happy outcome for both Martha and Mandii, it has been a tragic road for them to get there.


We place Martha’s age around ten to twelve years, judging by the wear and tear on the worn-down little stumps that were once her pearly white incisor teeth. Squeezing the last dollar from Martha, she had been impregnated yet again, more than likely to produce even more prime lambs (those destined for human consumption). However, this time circumstances arose that saw Martha become lost, unclaimed and apparently helpless, although the latter is not entirely correct, for dear Martha’s steely resolve ensured she would never give up, despite her pitifully thin but heavily pregnant body.


A kind heart stepped in and gently and skilfully assisted Martha as she struggled to give birth to her twins. Alas, while Martha and one twin survived, the other did not. With the sole surviving twin at a critically low birthweight and struggling to find her sucking reflex, and the mum malnourished, both were taken to a local veterinary clinic. From here, kindness in both the human form and our van spring-boarded both to Edgar’s Mission. Here we set to work, supporting both Martha and her love for her baby: bathing Mandii’s ulcerated eyes, cleaning her blocked-up bottom so it could do all the good things lambs’ bottoms should do, and supplying nourishment a-plenty to Martha. Although Martha was at first hesitant of our love and good-intended gestures, she’s a smart gal, and quickly realised we all played for her team. Did we mention Weet-Bix treats helped seal the deal? Well, they did.


So, whenever now the world seems filled with too much sadness, we take a quick trip to Martha’s stall, drink in the love she shows for her tiny, wee baby and know that there’s hope.

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