The Promise

Have you ever made a promise in the hope you’ll one day be able to fulfil it? One year ago today, a vow made many moons ago was honoured.

Looking into the eyes of two goats tethered outside of a Laverton knackery, the words, “one day I will rescue you” were uttered. Catwoman and Dobbin’s story is a heartening reminder to never give up – every new day brings the promise of change for the better.

If you would like to help us keep changing the world for farmed animals like Catwoman and Dobbin, please consider donating to our Medical Fighting Fund. Another wonderful way to help is to share this post. Thank you!

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8 thoughts on “The Promise

  1. bawling!! again… your work and commitment bursts and overflows in hope and courage and determination.
    and so, inspires all these things in me
    love love love you all.

  2. Such a wonderful anniversary for two gorgeous goats. How lucky they are to have been rescued and cared for by Pam everyone at Edgar’s Mission. To anyone out there with compassion, a conscience and a moral compass, learn from Pam Ahern and join her fight against cruelty to animals. DONATE ALL YOU CAN,; any amount helps. Love to all at Edgar’s Mission from Marcelle van Soest in Western Australia.

  3. Pam
    your story brought a tear to my eyes. Two more lucky animal friends have been fortunate enough to come and live with you.
    Thank you for being you and doing what you do, each and every day.
    I send love to you and everyone at EM.

  4. Congratulations & many thanks for this wonderful story about the two goats being rescued They will have a lovely life from now on thanks to you wonderful people.

  5. You BRAVE woman! Thank you! I remember reading about your trip to the knackery at that time – I can’t believe terror like that still exists.
    However, yes, things can CHANGE and good hearts are contagious….spread the kindness, everyone!
    I feel very lucky that I can donate to such an organisation like EM. Love to you all and especially the animals! xxxxx

  6. Thanks Pam for the reminder that anything is possible with determination and the commitment to never give up. It warms my heart and at the same time fills me with tears of joy seeing these fortunate goats living at Edgar’s :) Thanks for all you do on behalf on animals

  7. In a world of such unimaginable cruelty and utter heartlessness where a trillion animals are slaughtered to be stuffed into stomachs, it gives one a ray of hope knowing that there are saints like you guys out there. Thank you for all you do

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